Pixave Mac App is the best way to keep your photos organized.

For years, I’ve had a real love-hate relationship with Photos (iPhoto). Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great program, but there’s just something about how it’s laid out that has bothered me for a long time. One thing I really struggle with is having one big pot of photos without any division. I do like the Photos app from Apple because of its quick, easy, and efficient editing capabilities, but sometimes, I just need something to organize my photos. Fortunately for me, there are other apps that specialize in photo organization – like Pixave.

Pixave Mac App Review

Pixave is the smartest way to keep your photos organized. This app was specifically designed to keep inspired moments together. It utilizes a workspace environment and is incredibly user-friendly. The purpose behind Pixave is to provide an optimum environment for managing images – that’s it. No advanced photo editor. No advanced printing options. Just management of photo files, which is something I need desperately.

I fight a constant battle of my photos for MacSources (products mostly) getting mixed in with Photos. My hope is that Pixave will help me keep them separated and organized. One of the great features within Pixave is tagging. Photos does allow this, but not in the same way. Here is a quick walk through of what it’s like to manage a set of photos in Pixave.

Pixave Mac App Review

First, you set up a Collection. This is like an album in Photos. When you want to import, you can very simply drag and drop photos onto the Collection. Now here’s where the organization really comes in. The first layer is with the Collection set-up and then, you can further organize with Tags. For example, I will drag photos of products onto my MacSources Collection. Once the photos have imported, I delete the original files – because they are now stored in the Pixave Library – and then I tag groups based off of the subject matter. This is helpful because when I go back later to find a specific product photo, I can simply search for the tag and only those photos are pulled up.

Pixave Mac App Review

Pixave Mac App ReviewNow, one of the biggest differences between Pixave and Photos is photo editing capabilities. Photos has a very advanced editor, while Pixave will simply give you the option of opening the photo in a default app. For my uses, this is perfect because most of the time, I just want to do simple crops. What’s really nice is after you apply/save the edits in the default app and return back to Pixave, those edits carry over to the image.

Exporting images is very easy, too, an one of the nicest things about this feature is that you have the option to customize your own export sizes and file types. Typically, I will export my photos and then resize them in a different app. Pixave saves me from having to do that extra step.

Pixave is really a nice photo management app. It stores all your photos in one clean, concise library with no added fuss. It’s got the details you want, but keeps them hidden unless you want to see them. If you are looking for a clean app for organizing your photos, give Pixave a try.

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