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I find it odd that people will pay exorbitant amounts of money for smartphones and then leave them awry on their dashboard, center console or seat.  Driving to and from work, I will often listen to Audible books to pass the time.  Plugged into the Aux-in port of my Chevy Silverado, I have struggled with what to do with my iPhone X.  I have tested a variety of vent mounts, dash mounts, windshield mounts, cup mounts, sticky mounts, magnetic mounts, and each style provided some benefits and limitations.  For those who love vent mount setups, I would love to tell you about the vent mount from PITAKA.


The PITAKA Vent Mount arrived in a 3 1/8 inches long by 2 1/2 inches tall by 2 1/4 inches wide black/grey checkered box.  Except for a silver metallic “PITAKA” and “www.ipitaka.com” etched into the upper flap, the checkered pattern was left unadorned.  Lifting the flap of the lid, I found a five panel instruction manual, a 2 9/16 inches tall by 1 3/4 inches wide adhesive backed metallic plate, and a 2 1/4 inches wide by 3 1/8 tall by 1/4 inches magnetic mount with ball/joint socket.  The screw, ball, and rubberized vent mount attachment stuck out 2 inches from the back of the magnetic mount.  Reviewing the instruction manual, the magnetic PITAKA vent mount can be used with the included metallic plate or with the purchase of their metallic case.  Remove the adhesive backing from the included metallic plate, attach the plate to either your phone or to a case and enjoy the device.  Next, slide the vent clips into the air vent of your vehicle, rotate the ball-joint to the desired viewing angle and then add/remove your phone as needed.  


One of my complaints about all vent mount systems is the lack of a lower support arm.  As you place your phone onto the mount, the weight causes the vent to sag.  I have tried a variety of plugs, stoppers, etc. to support the lower section of the vent but these did not work.  The Ventev car mount provided a lower support arm that rested along the bottom of the vent.  This allowed for optimal viewing angles and essentially a frustration-free experience.  I was pleased with the strength of the magnet, and the ability for the PITAKA mount to remain attached to the air vent.  Despite placing/removing the device multiple times, the rubberized vent arms did not break/crack.  One major potential negative about this setup was the inability to wirelessly charge with the metallic plate installed on your phone/case. If you had no interest in charging wirelessly, this would not be a negative.  The ball joint/nut was easily accessible, tightened easily and maintained its locked/set state.


This setup worked well as a hands-free vent mount system but required either a thin case, one with increased grip, and purposeful placement. Placing the metallic plate on the back of a phone case improved the grip of the magnet. I was able to utilize the mount in vertical and landscape modes and I experienced very little downward sliding of the phone on the magnet. However, while driving on some bumpy roads, I did experience a downward pull on the iPhone X. If I made sure that the magnet was well affixed before traveling, there was no issue with magnetic strength. I did notice that the weight of the phone plus the mount caused my vent to sag and this affected the viewing angle. When trying to use navigation, this was a little bit of a pain. For this reason, I have opted for windshield mounts or cup mounts. The PITAKA mount is not trying to be any more than what it was designed to be and I truly appreciated that. There was no promise of wireless charging or of any other form of charging with this mount. If desired, you can purchase the Magmount Qi version to also wirelessly charge your device. I was pleased with the quality of the craftsmanship, the color, and the ball/socket. The packaging and the product were purely elegant in their simplicity.

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