New Colors & Apple Store availability for Rayz Plus Lightning Headphones

Pioneer & Onkyo U.S.A Corporation today announces a new“Smart Mute” feature for the Rayz and Flay: Plus Lightning earphones. along with new Rey: Plus colors — Black and Rose Gold – which are available exclusively at and at Apple Retail stores worldwide.

Rayz Plus are the first and only Lightning earphones with an inline charging node that allows you to charge the Phone and listen to music or talk at the same time.

Rayz Pius uses Apple’s newest Lightning audio technology. powered by Avnera Corporation‘s Lightx platform and aims to provide simple and smart solutions for today’s mobile consumers.

“Smart Mute” Feature
This new feature for Rayz and Fiayz Plus automatically mutes the microphone when a user is not speaking and unmutes the microphone when the user begins speaking again. This Is ideal when taking calls in noisy environments.

Users can get Smart Mute by downloading the latest Rayz app for t’Phone. iPad and iPod touch on the App Store and performing a Rayz software update.

’Rayz appcessories were launched with a commitment to deliver new compelling experiences for our customers through future software upgrades using the Rayz companion iOS app’ said Munenon‘ Otsuki. CEO of Pioneer and Onkyo Corporation. “in keeping with this commitment. we are pleased to announce Smart Mute today, a feature that will enable truly compelling call experiences.”

“We are very pleased to have worked closely with Pioneer to be the first to bring Smart Mute to market. Smart Mute is one of the several smart technologies being developed actively by Avnera which leverages Avnera’s breakthroughs in low-power analog audio circuits and digital’ Signal processing technologres‘.” said Manpreet Khaira, CEO of Avnera Corporation.

New Color Options Available Exclusively at Apple Stores
Customers are now able to purchase the Ray: Plus in Black or Rose Gold, available exclusively at and Apple stores worldwide.

Pioneer Rayz

Launched in February 2017, key features of Rayz Plus are included below, with more information at
Smart Noise Cancellation: adapts its noise canceling to your ear and the world around you.

  • No Battery: Powered by Lightning.
  • Talk and Charge: The only earphone that allows you to talk and charge while plugged into the Lightning port.
  • AutoPause: technology automatically pauses your movie or music when you take Rayz out and restarts when you put them back on.
  • HearThruTM mode: passes ambient sounds through your noise-cancelling. for greater awareness of your environment.
  • Smart Button: bring up your favorite app, mute/unmute cells, or launch the Flay: controls with a simple press of the button.
  • iOS App: An integral part of the Rayz experience is the companion app. The Rayz by Pioneer app for iPhone. iPad and iPod touch, available to download on the App Store, enables you to personalize the earphone’s settings like adjusting audio E0 and programming the smart button. Most importantly, the app creates the ability for Ray: earphones to continually Improve with the delivery of new features via the software update interface.
  • Premium Comply Foam Eartips

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