Best Holiday Tech Gift for Your Family and Friends

Smart locks have been one of most popular gadget that every family should have. It is a great investment to upgrade your home and bring keyless yet secure experience to your family. Have no idea on what gift to send to parents or families? Smart locks are definitely a good choice. Here is a review of how I chose my PIN Genie Smart Lock as a holiday gift for my parents.Secure is always the first concern: Every smart lock offers keyless experience with a digital touchscreen, but I always concern about the passcode security, as my parents live in an open neighborhood. If someone wants to get their password, it would be super easy by having a hidden camera or a glance. PIN Genie smart lock has a unique approach on the PIN pad, all numbers are randomly distributed into only 4 buttons and reshuffle after each time of use instead of each of them stays on the same button, making the pattern unique and invisible to others. This is the security I have always looking for that no other smart locks have. It also provides an option to have a fix PIN pad when you feel totally safe. I think it would be great to apply on ATM machines so that people PIN theft would be a thing of past. No wonder the company won 12 global patents on this PIN pad. It is truly innovative and highly secure. I downloaded their mobile apps too.

A smart approach to convenience
Lots of smart locks now offer Wi-Fi connection that enables remote control and monitor. As a tech savvy, I know how vulnerable and hackable the Wi-Fi is. PIN Genie smart lock has an innovative approach. It turns mobile phones into a gateway and the Bluetooth is 256-bit encrypted. I set myself as the master of my parent’s house; I can monitor the activity log on my phone 24/7 even I am far away from them. I know exactly when my parents are home or going out.

PIN Genie

Easy to use
For big families that have seniors at home, replacing the traditional lock to a smart lock can be complicated to the seniors. The simple but elegant design of PIN Genie Smart lock offers comprehensive instructions that easy to follow and the app is very user-friendly. It only took one day for my parents to learn and now they love it! It indeed reminded me of how they learned to use iPhone 6 plus after using several years of Samsung.

A smart lock does cost a heck of more than the standard-issue lock. However, to me, it is a good investment to upgrade their house with such high-security technology. And it only cost $199 if you don’t need the app control function. Great thing is that they are on holiday sale that only cost $220. It’s the best time to buy and send as a gift for friends and families. I am sure they will love it!

It has been a great experience so far with PIN Genie smart lock. My parents are in love with the gift. If you are stilling thinking of holiday gift choice, let PIN Genie deliver your best wishes to your friends and families.

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