picTrove 2 Pro receives update to version 2.4.

One of my favorite apps that was released this year is picTrove 2 Pro. It’s an easy-to-use image search engine app for iOS that allows users to search for photos and now animated GIFs from the Internet. It is by far the easiest way to seek and find images. picTrove 2 Pro searches through Google, Bing, Flickr, 500px, Twitter, Instagram and even deviantART to find the best options for your image searches. Since its release in August, the developers of picTrove 2 Pro have release four substantial updates to this fantastic app. This time, the update coincides with the release of Transversient’s newest app launch, GIFCon. GIFCon is a very efficient app for iOS that allows users to convert animated GIFs to MOV files with just a couple of screen taps. Expect to see a full review of GIFCon very soon.

As previously mentioned, picTrove 2 Pro can now search out and reveal animated GIFs with ease. Aside from that massive addition, some of the other major feature updates include:

  • Full image pre-fetching: Much improved experience swiping between photos in the full photo view. picTrove now downloads photos ahead of your browsing so you don’t have to wait!
  • iTunes file sharing is now supported; you can copy all original saved photos in picTrove out to your computer, by syncing your device to iTunes. This can be toggled on/off in Settings screen for security. picTrove will attempt to retain original file names from URLs whenever possible.
  • New search service, Giphy, to search for animated GIFs.
  • You can now search for animated GIFs in Bing images.
  • Major improvement in smoothness of thumbnails grid. It loads more results smoother, there is virtually no thumbnail flickering. Thumbnails fade in smoothly.
  • Copy page URL, Copy image URL in web actions.
  • New settings to turn off navigation hiding by scrolling in various screens.
  • New setting to turn off OpenGL animated transitions.
  • Support for converting animated GIFs to MOV videos via our new app, GIFCon.
  • New URL launch API to search for only animated GIFs.
  • Added 3 new OpenGL transitions

The developers also increased functionality by making some great improvements to picTrove 2 Pro. These updates include:

  • Increased gaps between columns in multi-column search thumbnails.
  • Increased gaps between toolbar buttons in full photo view.
  • Reduced unnecessary scrolling in thumbnails with navigation in full photo view.
  • picTrove internal web browser now allows iOS standard long press actions.
  • Updated Aviary to latest.
  • Reduced app file size.
  • Stability and performance improvements.

For more information, visit http://traversient.com/pictrove2/.