Picniic makes daily family life more efficient.

I like to keep things simple. I connect all my devices through ‘the cloud’ and sync all pertinent information through a single user account. It’s just easier that way. The unfortunate thing is that sometimes I end up using several different apps for similar activities and shifting through and moving between them can just become too much. When that happens, all attempts at organization fall apart. That’s why I’m grateful that developer, Picnic Labs, Inc., has just released Picniic – Family Organizer for iOS.

Picniic is an all-in-one solution for family organization. It’s essentially a project management platform that is designed to help families stay connected and organized. What’s great about this platform is that it was created with the idea of alleviating the problem of switching between multiple apps. Picniic has to do lists, grocery lists, recipe databases to search through, calendars, and more for the family to work with. It is a central location that can be accessed and updated by all family members. It’s designed to function like an operating system and not just an app. You can access your Picniic account through an iPhone, tablet, and the web.

Picniic Family Organizer iOS App REVIEWPicniic Family Organizer iOS App REVIEW

Picniic features eight different interactive tools to keep families organized including:

  • Shared family calendar– Built from the ground up specifically for the family, the calendar gives users a snapshot of every family member͛s daily activities and ability to assign events to family members in real time.
  • To dos, lists, and notes– Assign or share your to-dos, lists, and notes with the whole family or the babysitter.
  • Meal planner and My Recipes – Plan out your meals for the week with this unique tool. Connects to recipe search feature and allows you to save your recipes.
  • Group Event planning –Make party planning a breeze with event planning that lets users poll friends and family (even non-Picniic users) about the day and time that works best.
  • Info locker– Securely store your family͛s important information such as insurance, medical and emergency contacts.
  • Family locator– Parents will never wonder where their kids are with the locator app. Easily share your location with family members.

I’ve had the opportunity to test out Picniic for the past few days and I can’t tell you how much easier it’s made daily life at our house. It’s been very easy to set up on various devices and everyone, even my grandmother who loves her iPad, like using it. One of the best features of Picniic is the third party integrations and how it works with the areas within the app. For example, you can search through recipe services like Epicurious and when you find a recipe you like, you can not only save it to your favorite recipes, but you can also import the ingredients into your grocery list so that it’s ready to go when you go to the store.

I also really love the shared calendar. There are so many calendar options out there, but not one that truly shares for family members. The best I’ve done in the past is to just use the Apple Calendar app and invite people to events. With the shared calendar in Picniic, I can add my events and important meetings and my family members can do the same. No one person has to have control over a master calendar – everyone controls their own. I also really love the Work calendar integration. My fiance can add her work calendar and I can see when she is available if I need her input on something.

Picniic Family Organizer iOS App REVIEWPicniic Family Organizer iOS App REVIEW

Picniic is free to use, but there is a paid premium version, too. The free edition gives families access to basic tools to stay organized like the family calendar and to-do list. The paid version is available for a $15 monthly subscription fee for the whole family and includes the more specialized features like the information locker and meal planner. Even though I’m not a fan of subscription-based apps and services, I could see that being appealing for some families.

Picniic is truly a wonderful organizational platform for families. It keeps everything simple and makes it easy to keep track of everything in your family. It’s very easy to use and set-up. The dashboard is laid out so that you can find everything easily and quickly. Picniic makes daily life efficient again.

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