Pick-up lines made just for computer nerds.

I remember the days when text messaging was simple. It was monochromatic and there was a 15-cent charge every time you used it – unless you had a Blackberry. Now, I watch teenagers text with nothing but emojis. Who knew that you could actually make complete sentences with nothing but small images? And even the emoji has evolved. Now, we have the descriptive option of answering people with full images and animated GIFs when we want to convey a thought or feeling. Developers have branched off into a new realm with sticker packs and I just recently installed one called Pick Up Sticks.

Pick Up Sticks iOS App REVIEW Pick Up Sticks iOS App REVIEW Pick Up Sticks iOS App REVIEW

The full name of the app is actually “Pick Up Sticks – Pick-up Lines for Computer Nerds”. The images are quite creative and I laughed out loud several times when I was taking a look at these customized stickers. They are intended for use in iMessage. The messages aren’t gender-specific so men and women can both enjoy the fun. The creativity doesn’t stop with the stickers themselves – the app description actually states, “Not guaranteed to get you the guy or the girl! Guaranteed to get you a giggle or a groan, though.” I can attest to that.

To use the stickers, you visit the app store and download it like you would any iOS app. What happens with this type of download though is the stickers are loaded directly into iMessage. When you want to use it, go to the message field of a text message and tap on the arrow icon to the left of the field. This will bring up a submenu that includes the insert an image option, the Force Touch emotion messages, and an App icon. When you select the App icon, you will see the contents of the add-on last used and have the option to view the other apps add-ons that are available inside iMessage.  The Pick Up Sticks icon should appear here. You select it and then all 21 sticker options appear for use.

Pick Up Sticks iOS App REVIEW Pick Up Sticks iOS App REVIEW

It’s an easy process and it’s sure to bring you lots of laughs. Hopefully, the person on the receiving end gets as much of a kick out of it as you do. I find the stickers very creative and unique. My favorite one reads, “Roses are #FF0000, Violets are #0000FF, All my base are belong to you.” I actually enjoy these so much that I wish there were more than 21 options. The app is currently free and it’s designed for both iPad and iPhone use. The developer provides a nice ‘how-to’ guide for installation and use of the stickers should you need assistance.

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