PicCollage brings simplicity and elegance to creating digital photo collages.

Several years ago, I looked a the piles of pictures I had laying around my apartment and thought, “I should really do something with these.” The ‘something’ I decided to do was create collages out of them.

I painstakingly laid out the pictures in the arrangement I wanted and then started cutting them out so that they appeared to have some dimension. When I was finished, I had two lovely collages – one of my friends from college and one of my family. The two collages hang on the wall so that I can see them every day and smile.

The art of the collage dates back hundreds of year, but today, most photographs are taken using digital cameras or smartphones and uploaded to social networking sites like Instagram or Facebook. They aren’t printed out so that they may be shaped and glued to form a collage. Fortunately, there are apps that have been developed to form digital collages for that reason. One such app is PicCollage.

Developer Softease Technology, a passionate software company dedicated to creating innovative photography apps, recently released PicCollage for sale in the Mac App Store. PicCollage is a powerful photography design tool that allows users to create beautiful, digital collages with minimal effort.

piccollage-1When you open the app, you are met with a screen full of templates. You select one and then import the pictures you want to put into the collage. Once those import, you can proceed by placing each picture by hand, or you can select ‘fill randomly’ to have the software place photos for you.

Once the pictures are placed within the template, you can move them around as needed and change their size within the drop zones. After you are happy with the layout, you can modify the settings, background, text and size. Once everything is exactly how you want it, you can export to JPG, PNG or TIFF and select the quality of the image by the slider at the bottom of the page.

PicCollage impressed me with the amount of features it includes. Here is the breakdown of what is offered with the software.

piccollage-2Layouts and Templates
PicCollage comes ready to go with 7 layouts – free, grid, classic, focus, shape, irregular and stitch – and hundreds of preset templates. The combination of these two settings allow the user endless possibilities to customize their collage layout.

Editing Functions
PicCollage provides some powerful editing functions for the user.

  • Add borders to photos
  • Adjust border color and width
  • Apply shadow with color/blur alpha
  • Adjust shadow distance and angle
  • Adjust photo number within layout
  • Zoom in/out photo/frame
  • Exchange/shuffle photos
  • Rotate photo/frame
  • Save for further editing


Background Customization
PicCollage lets you change your background in five different ways – image, pattern, color, gradient or transparency. Not only are these background options available as presets, but you can also customize them to your liking. For example, if you choose photo as the background, you can use a preloaded photograph from PicCollage or choose one from your photo album. The background color is also customizable by using the Apple color selector.

PicCollage also gives the option to add text to your collage. It supports multi-text and you can change the font, color, size and alignment. Text effects are another way you can customize your collage. PicCollage includes the option to customize text stroke, add shadow or glow on the text.

PicCollage is the easiest, most sophisticated, elegant app built to make digital photo collages that I’ve ever used. The interface is very easy to understand and as I described above, it only takes a few minutes to make beautiful, customized collages.

It’s a fun, easy-to-use app. When I first starting testing the app, I lost track of time playing with it. I got lost looking at family photos and wanting to create something special with them. I ended up with a nice looking collage and decided I wanted to share it. Most of my family is on Facebook, so I uploaded it. I did have to export it as an image file before uploading, but wasn’t put off by that. I hope that a future update might have a social sharing option in the export feature so that collages can be shared with friends and family more easily.

piccollage-5One of the features that really impressed me was the ability to change the template. While you are customizing a collage, you have the option to change which template you are using. The best part is that you don’t lose the pictures you are working with.

I also really like that you can save your collage to work on at a later time. Many of the collage apps I’ve tested do not have that option and it’s a great function to include with software like this.

I highly recommend this app to anyone who likes to make collages or wants to do something with your photos rather than have them collect digital dust.

PicCollage is available for download in the Mac App Store for $9.99. It is well-worth the price. I would expect this app to cost more for what’s ‘in the box’.