Wireless Flash Triggers are a great affordable upgrade for photography kits.

In my search for better camera equipment, I found that I was missing a wireless flash trigger. Not too long ago, I acquired the Photoolex M500 Flash Speedlite, which works beautifully as an external flash. Even though it has a vibrant, bright light, I wanted to get more efficient use from it, so I started looking into flash triggers. Fortunately for me, Photoolex offers a Wireless Flash Trigger that works with both my camera and the flash that I have. So, I decided to give it a try.

The Photoolex WFC-05 Wireless Flash Trigger comes as a dual pack. There are two trigger transmitters in the box for your use. You can use them in tandem as a transmitter/receiver combo, or you can use them individually. The trigger is compatible with shutter sync (1st curtain, 2nd curtain, high-speed sync) with a maximum 1/8000s sync speed. The system supports E-TTL, Manual, and Multi-Flash modes. Its radio signal (2.4 GHz) is reliable at up to 100 meters and can operate around corners and walls.

Photoolex WFC-05 Wireless Flash Trigger REVIEW

Having limited knowledge of how to set up the flash trigger, I followed the instructions explicitly. The transmitters take two AA batteries for power and can be used as an attachment via the hot shoe on your camera, or as a receiver for using the flash detached. When I first set it up, I used the hot shoe method. It’s very easy to set up and Photoolex includes a nice, easy to follow set of instructions. I have a Canon EOS 70D and even though my model isn’t in the compatibility list on the box for the flash triggers, I didn’t have any issues with it working. Some of the instructions were slightly different, but both the trigger and the external flash worked fine.

The first step you have is to power up the transmitter and the flash. Once you do, make sure your flash is in the correct mode for wireless triggering. On the M500 Flash that I have, that is either S1 or S2 mode. Next, you go into the menu settings on your camera and look for Flash Control > External flash func. setting. From there, you select ETTL for tele-control mode. This will be the mode you want for either the slave or remote mode of the trigger. Within just a few minutes, I was completely set up and ready to go with the Wireless Flash Triggers.

Photoolex WFC-05 Wireless Flash Trigger REVIEW

While I know there are many other ways to use the flash triggers, I opted to mainly test out the Remote Control and Automatic Flash options. I took several photos with the flash attached to the camera and having it detached and remote. Both ways functioned flawlessly. As a test, I set up the camera straight in front of the card reader and set the flash to the side at around an angle of approximately 45 degrees. There was no other light used other than the flash I mentioned above. There is a harsh shadow, but it shows where the flash was placed – it was intentional.

The only complaint I have about these triggers is the use of AA batteries. I would love to see them use a battery pack that is rechargeable, or be rechargeable themselves. The other great reason to choose this set of triggers is the price. They are about 80% less than some of its competitors and they work just as well. I would recommend these triggers to any photographer who wants to upgrade their toolkit.

The Photoolex WFC-05 Wireless Flash Trigger is listed as compatible with:

CANON EOS 5D Mark II/5DMark III/1Ds Mark III/1D Mark IV/1D Mark III/7D/60D/50D/40D/650D/600D/550D/500D/450D/1100D/1000D EOS 5D,10D,20D,30D,300D,350D,1D,1D Mark II. Compatible ETTL flash list (support wireless remote control through camera menu): Canon 600EX(RT)/580EXII/430EXII/320EX/270EXII