Photo Editor by Axiem is an amazing all-in-one photo editor that is a ‘must have.’

Photo Editor iOS App Review 2Although I like to think of myself as tech savvy, I often find myself asking lots of questions to my other techie friends. The good news is, I often only need gentle nudging/guidance. Blogging, tweeting, messaging, screenshot adjustment, it is difficult to keep up to date with needed apps. I found I needed an app to crop and adjust photos/images for my regular use. Here, I found an app on my own to adjust photos. Enter Photo Editor by Axiom Studios. I do want to mention that I have not been paid for this app nor was this app given to me.

Step 1 download the app, step 2 open the app. I was greeted to a screen showing camera roll and My Photo Stream. Tap on the camera roll and you can select a picture or a few pictures to edit. You can then choose any of the below features to enhance and add various effects.

Photo Editor iOS App Review 3
Photo Editor iOS App Review 4

Photo Editor iOS App Review 5My favorite tools are the crop and blemish features. The blemish tool will use surrounding colors to try to remove a blemish on the photograph and smooth the picture. The crop tool will allow you to choose pieces of a photograph to enlarge and focus upon. When you select this tool four circles will appear at the edges of your picture. You can then drag these circles to surround your desired area. When finished, select done and the app saves the modified image to your camera roll. I have had limited use for the redeye or the whiten options. I have made a meme which is very easy and will allow you to put text onto a picture. This app will help anyone interested in basic photo manipulation.

There are ads and available in app purchases. The ads have never gotten in my way and honestly I have never really noticed them. The in app purchases are mostly under stickers, frames and overlays, which I have not used so far. This app is a good photo editing tool and is currently free in the app store. I have no complaints about this app and rate it at 5/5 stars. I would include this in one of the “MUST HAVE” apps for iPhone. I use this application regularly for editing the photos that I take for my reviews. The App Store has this at 4.5 out of five stars.

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