The Photo Cookbook gives cooks a visual reminder of every recipe step.

One thing that I’ve always felt was lacking in most cookbooks is photographs.  Some cookbooks feature a finished product, but I’ve not seen many that include photos throughout the step-by-step instructions. That’s why the Photo Cookbook is a wonderful addition to my iOS device.

Photo-Cookbook1The Photo Cookbook features dozens of unique recipes complete with photos that guide you through the cooking process. It’s like having a private cooking course in your kitchen. The photos help to clarify what’s expected of each step of the process and all photos are displayed in high resolution – especially on the iPad. The Photo Cookbook includes four main sections – Quick & Easy, Italian, Asian and Baking. Within the Quick & Easy section, you can find meat, fish, vegetarian and dessert dishes that will make your taste buds salivate. The Italian, Asian and Baking sections can be unlocked with a $2.99 in-app purchase for each. One of the best features of the Photo Cookbook is that all the recipes are meant for the busy person and they take less than 30 minutes to prepare.

The main features of the Photo Cookbook include:

  • basic version with 84 recipes and over 700 high-resolution photos
  • expandable with In-App-Purchase to 240 recipes and 2,000 photos
  • all recipes can be prepared quickly and easily
  • all recipes displayed in professional step-by-step photographs
  • search function for ingredients and recipes
  • ingredient lists can be emailed
  • ingredients are provided with consumer information that can be pulled up at any time
  • also compatible with iPhone and iPod touch based on popular demand from our customers

Photo-Cookbook2I tested out this app with my iPhone and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to read the instructions and follow the photos. The app navigation – scrolling up and down within a section – is well-designed and easy to follow. Every recipe starts with a photograph of all the ingredients, which is a nice change of pace from the ‘finished product’ shot that most books provide. It helps to ensure that you have all your recipe requires prior to starting the cooking process. Each step is explained thoroughly, but without a bunch of jargon. I love how each step features a photograph that can be zoomed into and acts as a reference for every step of the process. The app also provides nutrition facts and allows you to mark your favorite recipes for faster reference. The only improvement I hope to see with the iPhone version is the ability to view the app in portrait view. I found that while I was testing I was only able to view the app in landscape. This is a bit of a hindrance because the iPhone stand I use works best with the phone standing instead of laying sideways. Also, I’d love to see an add-on where you can export ingredients to a grocery list within the Reminders app.

The Photo Cookbook is a great tool for the novice cook as well as the experienced chef. It’s very easy to use and the design is quite amazing. The Photo Cookbook was featured as an iPad app in one of Apple’s recent commercials and is currently the App of the Week in the App Store.  It is free to download from the App Store and is available for iOS devices and the Mac as well. For more information, visit

Photo Cookbook

Photo Cookbook