Phorus PS5 Receiver Review:

Make a great wireless audio system from your current non-wireless stereo.

One of my favorite parts of technology is the ability to play music through the air, or wirelessly. Through the magic of Bluetooth and WiFi networks, we can send radio waves through space to a speaker that is somewhere across the room or even across the house. Unfortunately, not all of my speakers are Bluetooth or WiFi capable. Some of them are regular old RCA or aux cable-wired speakers. Fortunately, there are devices available that will help me turn those old run-of-the-mill speakers into wireless gems.

One such device is the PR5 Receiver by Phorus.

This special receiver makes it possible for your older, non-WiFi speakers to become wireless. The way it works is actually quite simple. You plug in the power adapter and connect it to your WiFi network through the app on your smartphone. Then, you plug your speaker in through either a line-in/aux cable or a y-split RCA to aux cable. Then, from the app, you play audio through any number of ways wirelessly to your old speakers.

The PS5 Receiver is compatible with many different operating systems and music formats. It even supports high resolution, 24-bit/192kHz FLAC audio files. The Phorus app has many options for listening to music. First of all, you can choose songs from your personal library, or you can tune into your favorite streaming radio service or podcast stations. Some of the services connected through the Phorus app include:

  • Spotify
  • SiriusXM
  • Pandora
  • Songza
  • npr
  • Amazon cloud player
  • Google play
  • xbox music
  • iTunes

The PS5 Receiver works through both Bluetooth and WiFi networks. So, what that means to you is that you can connect directly to it through Bluetooth and stream audio or using AirPlay and other direct streaming options. This is a great option when you are localized to one room. But, if you want to play the same song in every room of the house, you can do that, too. You can connect and control multiple Play-Fi Receivers and Speakers so that  you can coordinate your music to be the exact same in each room. It’s a pretty cool system any way you look at it.

Now that I’ve given you the particulars of the Phorus PS5 Receiver, I want to tell you about my personal experience with it. First off, when I took the receiver out of the box, I was very surprised at how lightweight it is. It’s a disc-shaped device with 5 buttons – power, volume up, volume down, Bluetooth, and WiFi – on the front and 4 ports – power, USB, micro USB, and line-in (aux) – on the back. To me, this was very straightforward about what the steps were for set-up. I plugged in the power adapter and then attempted to pair the receiver to my WiFi network. To do this, you must first download the Phorus app for your respective mobile device. The app will walk you through the steps for network connection. It’s a pretty simple process, but I did have a little trouble with the receivers first connection.

Phorus PS5 Receiver Review 7Once it connected though, I plugged in an older iPhone dock that had a speaker with aux output and it worked flawlessly. I did this during a work day and listened to music (Pandora radio to be specific) without any interruption of service from the receiver. It stayed connected to the WiFi network and continued to play music as long as I was pushing it from my iPhone.

I am fortunate enough to have an Apple Watch on my wrist and one of the features I love to use on it is the remote control of Pandora on my iPhone. This is especially useful for this set-up because now, I have a wireless speaker connected to my iPhone, which is charging on a dock and I can still control my music from my wrist. This control also works when playing Pandora through the Phorus app.


I have been incredibly impressed with the quality of products from Phorus and I hope that we can continue to bring you reviews of their items in the future. I can highly recommend the PS5 Receiver from Phorus for anyone looking to use their older, but still high-quality speakers in a wireless set-up.

The PS5 Receiver retails for $179.

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