Phorus PS 5 Bluetooth Speaker Review:

Speaker provides quality sound with a convenient connection.

Phorus PS 5 Bluetooth Speaker Review 3I’ve always appreciated good sound. My dad introduced us to digital audio at a very early age and ever since, I’ve always had a fond appreciation of devices like hi-fi speakers and surround sound. Now, my attention has turned to Bluetooth speakers. In recent months, I’ve had the privilege of testing out some wonderful rechargeable Bluetooth speakers. The are very convenient because you can take them with you wherever you go. But, what if you just want a quality, stationary Bluetooth speaker for your home? The Phorus PS5 speaker is just what you are looking for.

The Phorus PS 5 is a stylish, powerful speaker that utilizes dual band Wi-Fi to stream lossless audio throughout your home. It’s compatible with just about any Bluetooth device you own and is built to work with high resolution 24-bit/192kHz FLAC audio files. It connects to your Wi-Fi network through 802.11n and has a USB 2.0 port available for hardwire device plugins.

Phorus PS 5 Bluetooth Speaker Review 4Something that’s important to mention is that the Phorus Speaker works with many different kinds of music players, but it must connect through the Phorus app. It’s a free app and very easy to work with. It is sort of a passthrough for the speaker. Once you are in the app, you can play your own music and utilize any number of streaming music players.

Something else that’s very cool about this speaker is that if you have more than one in your home, you can control them individually. That means that if you are in one room and your significant other is in another, you can each listen to your favorite tunes without any issues.


I originally discovered this speaker through an e-blast communication advertising a sale on various digital audio products. I centered in on it because of its look. It’s got a great stylish, upscale look that intrigued me and I wondered if the sound quality would match. Fortunately, I was correct.

When I took the speaker out of the box, I was immediately struck with how brilliant the design was. It’s sleek and is a great addition to any room set-up. We really try to limit the amount of items we have on our tables throughout the living room, but this speaker we don’t mind having sitting out.

One of the first things I tried out was the AirPlay option. It worked flawlessly and I never had a problem connecting to the speaker with my iPhone 6.

Phorus PS 5 Bluetooth Speaker Review 5SOUND QUALITY
Of course, this is the main thing I wanted to focus on since this review is about an audio speaker. First of all, I want to speak to the volume and power of this speaker. The actual size of the speaker is not small, but it is definitely not large either. I was shocked at the amount of sound that came out of this speaker. Not only did it fill the entire living room with the sounds of Coldplay, but it rocked the entire house. Some speakers of this size end up distorting the sound when the volume is turned up. I am pleased to say that is not the case with the Phorus PS5 speaker.

Phorus PS 5 Bluetooth Speaker Review 6I also want to speak to the clarity/quality of the sound produced by the Phorus speaker. My fiancé suffers from some hearing loss. Ironically enough, it’s probably from listening to music too loud when he was younger. At any rate, now, he has difficulty hearing certain pitches and speaking voices are some of the more difficult sounds for him to hear. The Phorus speaker has such a nice sound quality out of the box, he was able to hear a podcast with little difficulty. You do have the option with the Phorus speaker to change audio levels, but the default levels have proven to provide superior sound.

The Phorus PS5 Speaker is a wonderful addition to any home audio system. It can stand alone or be paired with other systems. If you are looking for a great speaker that gives you a superior sound, try the Phorus PS5 speaker. It retails for $229.

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