A space-age solution to storing your tablet or laptop.

I really love having the convenience of an iPad, but I don’t take it with me everywhere. Even though I have had an iPad since the first generation, I am still leery of exposing it to the elements. I have the 2018 iPad Pro 11-inch with the Smart Keyboard and I am typically just fine with that when I’m using the iPad around the house. But, when it comes to exploring the world, I do feel like I need to put it in something else. I typically don’t put my iPad in a case, but when I heard about the Phoozy Tablet Capsule, I decided to give it a try. 


The Phoozy Tablet Capsule is the only tablet and laptop protection option that prevents overheating in the sun and insulates devices from the cold. As a case, it also provides IP-66 water-resistance and military-grade drop protection. If those protective elements were enough, the Tablet Capsule also has sinkproof technology built-in so that you device always floats. It’s available in several different colors including Cosmic Black,  Iridium Silver, Iridium Gold, and Realtree Timber. It is available in 11-inch and 13-inch sizes. 

PHOOZY Tablet Capsule REVIEW

Special Features

  • 5-layers of protection of water-resistant, heat-resistant and cold-resistant materials including the patent-pending Chromium Thermal Barrier(™)
  • UltraCush-lined Capsules and the integrated Apple Pencil pocket create a safe haven for devices and stylus
  • HydroGuard(™) two-way zipper with pulls
  • Laser-cut molle connection panel to attach PHOOZY products and other accessories
  • Multi-carry option to carry the Capsule in horizontal or vertical orientation with the multi-function, ergonomic shoulder strap
  • Detachable shoulder strap to easily slide the Capsule into a backpack  
  • Even the tactile grip logo patch provides a convenient, easy way to quickly grab the Capsule out of a pack in the airport security line
PHOOZY Tablet Capsule REVIEW


One of the big reasons that I wanted to give this case a try is because in a few weeks, my family is taking a vacation to Florida. There will be a lot of beach time in the plans and I thought this case might help me be able to take my iPad more places. The iPad with its Smart Keyboard fit like a glove. It was a little tight, but not so bad that I didn’t want to use the case. Even with the Apple Pencil included, everything fit just fine. 

I felt like the outside looked sort of like oversized puffy coats do. It’s soft and has a little bit of a cushion feel to it. The outside is definitely water resistant because I walked outside when it was raining a couple of times and the iPad stayed dry while the outside of the pack collected water droplets on it.


I want to emphasize that Phoozy does NOT recommend this product for protection against a hot or cold car. That’s not what this product is designed for. The statement below is from a Phoozy Representative.

The PHOOZY is not meant to be used in Hot Car or Cold Car.  Please know that after an extended period of time, thermal balance will occur (meaning the internal temperature of the PHOOZY will match the ambient temperature). While the PHOOZY is not a phone warmer or heater, it will extend the period of time that a phone will remain at its operating temperatures much in the same way your jacket will keep you from freezing or a cooler will keep a beverage cool in the heat, but only for a period of time. In testing, we have successfully extended battery life up to 3X in temperatures of zero degrees Fahrenheit.

I did test it out in the car for about 5 minutes just to see what effects that type of heat would have on the iPad while it was in the Phoozy and I thought the case did a nice job of regulating the internal temperature of the case. I only did that to test out the case and would NOT purposely leave my iPad in the Phoozy in a hot or cold car.

PHOOZY Tablet Capsule REVIEW


Even though the Tablet Capsule is made with elements from NASA, I’m still not sure that I would want to purposely expose my precious iPad to extreme elements, but using the Phoozy makes me feel more confident when I go out and about. The Tablet Capsule is easy to carry around and looks pretty cool, too. I think this is a good investment for the safety of your tablet (or laptop).

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