Journey Travel is an every day carry item.

I rarely spend time at home. Between my social and professional life, I am never near a proper charging solution. While I’m in my car I have an easy way to charge as well as in the office. I’m never in one place or the other for very long, so this is my dilemma. I can’t and won’t carry around a cable and charging block and look for an outlet. Those people look ridiculous and waste so much time searching. Not to mention the fact that you get tied down to a set location for a nice chunk of time. Depending on if I am alone or not, then the logistics of charging multiple devices get even harder. I need something sleek and streamlined.

Journey Travel Charger Max

Phonesuit’s Journey Travel Charger Max seems to fill my exact needs. The main feature solves a few key problems with most battery packs are out on the market currently. Other battery packs require you to have all of your cords to charge your devices. This just causes clutter and leaves you fumbling around — sometimes in the dark — trying to untangle a knotted up mess. Not to mention it’s just more bulk to carry around on the go. I’m a guy so I travel pretty light. I don’t have a purse or a big bulky bag so I need something that can fit into my back pocket but still give me all functionality that I need.

Journey Travel Charger Max

The Journey Travel Charger Max includes a lightning charge cable for all your iPhones or iPads as well and a Micro USB cord to charge Android devices, or for me especially, Bluetooth devices. If that wasn’t enough for some people, they also include a USB slot to charge a one-off device or just about anything else you need. This means I can charge my iPhone, a Bluetooth device, and whoever’s device that may be with me. Having the peace of mind while on the go is a life saver considering we all live vicariously trough our connected devices.

Journey Travel Charger Max

The Journey Travel Charger Max is incredibly easy to use for anyone. You just charge the battery with the included Micro USB while watching the LED indicator on the battery pack and throw it in your back pocket and go. The battery is a 10,000 mAh capacity meaning that you can charge several devices from dead to full charge multiple times and still have some juice ready for you.

After just several days the Journey Travel has become a necessity and an every day carry item for me. It also turns heads whenever I whip it out for a quick top off on my devices. I don’t know how I functioned before it.

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