Phonesuit Flex XT Battery is the ideal charging solution for iPhone users.

There is nothing worse than having a dead phone when you most need it. My phone is my lifeline to the world. I use it for work as much as I use it for my personal life and because of that, I typically have to charge it throughout the day to ensure that my lifeline is ready to go. There has been more than one time that I’ve looked down at my battery meter and seen the dreaded 10% level that required me to plug in immediately. There are times that I just can’t remain tethered to a cable. So what do I do? I grab one of my favorite new accessories – the Phonesuit Flex XT.

Phonesuit Flex XT Battery Review

The Phonesuit Flex XT is the perfect addition to the iPhone. It is a compact Lightning capable battery pack that plugs directly into your phone and allows you to remain portable even while your phone is charging. Flex XT is a 2600 mAh rechargeable battery. For an iPhone 6 user, you can get a full charge and then some from a fully charged Flex XT. The battery has a quick charge feature that allows you recharge in around 2 hours. Flex XT is intended to work well with cases as well as naked phones and it comes complete with a cap that covers the Lightning port while Flex XT is not in use.

Phonesuit Flex XT Battery Review

As I mentioned, Flex XT has become one of my favorite new gadgets. It’s typically my go to solution for charging my phone throughout the day. It’s so easy to grab it and slap it onto my phone to freshen its battery level. With my on the go lifestyle, it’s ideal to use for me to keep going. It does add a little bit of weight to the phone – approximately 79 grams – but it’s incredibly handy when it comes to charging your phone on the go.

One of the more unique features on the Flex XT is the Touch Button Status Meter. In my opinion this was a brilliant solution to keeping the Flex XT as compact as possible. The Touch Button Status Meter is an electrostatic touch button that has no moving parts. You simply tap it and you can either activate charging for your phone, or view the remaining power level on the battery.

Phonesuit Flex XT Battery Review

The Flex XT by Phonesuit is a great charging solution for people on the go. It’s compact, lightweight and very easy to use. It’s the ideal accessory for any iPhone user. It comes in a variety of colors – red, blue, and black. And, Flex XT is compatible with any Lightning capable iPhone.

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