Phlo helps users save time searching the Internet.

phloWhen I open an Internet browser window it is usually to search for something. Directions, statistics, factoids…they can all be found through search engines. My personal favorite is Google search, but some of the others – Bing, Yahoo! and even Facebook – are becoming powerful forces in the search engine marketplace. On my MacBook Pro I use the utility, Alfred, which searches through indexed content on my computer as well as applications to increase my productivity. While Alfred does include some Internet search engine assistance, that’s not really its main purpose. With that in mind, I was very happy to find Mac App, Phlo.

Phlo is a Mac App that allows users to search their favorite websites. The web addresses to search are pre-programmed into the interface. All the user has to do is type in a search term and select the preferred website. For example, let’s say I was trying to track down a friend from high school on Facebook, I could select Facebook from the pre-programmed websites in the drop down menu and then type the friend’s name into the search box. Phlo would then search that site and open the web page showing the search results even if I did not have a browser open.

Phlo is designed to save time. Instead of spending time opening a browser window, typing in a search engine or web address and then entering the search term, Phlo immediately presents you with results.


Phlo also offers the ability to program a keyboard shortcut to access the utility. Many utilities have features that include shortcut or hotkeys, but with an app like Phlo, it is even more handy than usual.

Being that I am an avid user of Alfred, I wasn’t sure if I would want to keep Phlo after testing it, but the ability to program your own websites is something that Alfred does not offer. That feature alone is worth the price of the app.

I recommend this app to anyone who frequently searches the Internet. Even at $3.99, Phlo is a good deal.