Phlo 3 release comes with gifts from developer.

phlo logoA few months ago, we released a review of Phlo for Mac. The “type once, search everywhere” app is happy to announce the Phlo 3 will be released next week. Because developer Cynapse would like to see Phlo become ‘the app’ everyone uses for global internet searches, they are changing the cost of the app to free when Phlo 3 is released. Plus, Phlo Sync, a service that allows search preferences and history to be accessible between Phlo for Mac and Phlo for iOS, will become a yearly purchase for only $1.99.

To reward the existing customers when Phlo 3 is released, Cynapse is offering Phlo Sync at no charge for life as a way of saying “Thank You” to those who have supported the app through it’s development.

Phlo is the best way to instantly search through tons of resources including Google, IMDB, Twitter, Wikipedia, news or any other user added sites. It’s available for $1.99 through the Mac App Store.





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