A good set of travel headphones.

When it comes to picking out a good pair of over-the-ear padded headphones I gravitate towards the slim designs for travel. I need a set that’s somewhat on the smaller side but without small sound. I like to travel with the padded headphones because they tend to block out the noise from disturbing the people I’m around regardless of the fact that I listen to some pretty good music in my opinion. The Phiaton Bluetooth compact headphones maintain a nice clear sound and have a small build to them where they’re a good go-to pair.

PHIATON BT390 Bluetooth Wireless Compact Headphones (Black) REVIEW

Unboxing: On the box, I actually had in my mind that these would be larger than they actually are. However, the word compact is the perfect descriptive term to describe it. They don’t have massive cuffs and fold down to a perfect size that makes them a traveler’s best friend. The body is made of a nice matte black finish with the brand name on the outer side to of cuffs. There are controls for and connection sites the on/off and Bluetooth connection button, volume controls, auxiliary port, and micro USB port. The micro USB cable and auxiliary cable and an instruction manual come included with the Phiaton compact headphones.

PHIATON BT390 Bluetooth Wireless Compact Headphones (Black) REVIEW

Testing: To pair the headphones with my iPhone 7 Plus all I had to do was turn the headphones on and select them in Bluetooth settings. The Bluetooth 4.1 technology gives good crisp sounds and a good range because I was able to walk around my home without losing connection. I like headphones that have a good battery life and these headphones have a 30-hour play battery life. I did completely charge these before I used them and actually left them on when I went to bed. I woke up about 6.5 hours later and they still had charge. I have used them several times for this same charge and they haven’t died on me yet. The auxiliary cable will allow being able to listen to these headphones even if they are depleted of power which has saved my butt plenty of times from forgetting to charge my headphones. I can also use these headphones even if I get a phone call thanks to the built-in microphone.

PHIATON BT390 Bluetooth Wireless Compact Headphones (Black) REVIEW

Now the most important thing about audio products, in general, is how they sound.  I really like the sound quality I get from these.  Now I wouldn’t call these high end by any means but for a middle of the road, a reasonably priced pair I would say these standout.  They have 40mm drivers and I’m pleased with the clarity of the sound.  They have a decent bass that didn’t sound harsh or distort.  I had no issues with phone calls and I was informed that to the caller my voice remained clear and no fading was noted.  There’s also a feature to be able to use two devices at once.  The only thing I really didn’t care for is the plasticky squeak they make near the cuffs.  Mostly when you take them on and off.  Now I don’t know if its the voice canceling quietness that these have or if they don’t squeak when they’re on my head and my head is moving but I didn’t notice it when I was actively using them.

PHIATON BT390 Bluetooth Wireless Compact Headphones (Black) REVIEW

Overall: These are a decent set of headphones and the compact design make these a strong recommendation for those wanting a good pair for travel.

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