Perfectly Clear 4.0 brings clarity and beautifies photos with a few taps.


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Back in September, we published a review of Perfectly Clear, the Photoshop plug-in from Athentech Imaging. It does some remarkable clean-up within seconds that would normally take a photo editor hours to do. Perfectly Clear sharpens and brightens photos through a unique set of algorithms that automatically detect imperfections in the pictures. This plug-in greatly improves efficiency within workflows and I’m happy to share that version 4.0 of the Android version of Perfectly Clear is available to download starting today.

“We’re always working to improve our world-class automatic corrections to help make your images look amazing. So we put together an intuitive, fun-to-use app that lets you take the Perfectly Clear experience with you wherever you go,” explains Brad Malcolm, President of Athentech Imaging, Inc. “Our team of physicists, mathematicians, and engineers have been hard at work all year to make this possible with our latest generation of our mobile apps and I’m super excited to present them.”


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Some of the new features within Perfectly Clear for Android include:

  • Next generation Beautify, which gives you 10 ways to look your best – Blemish Removal, Face Slimming, Eye Circle Removal, Shine Removal, Catchlight, Skin Smoothing, Eye Enhance, Eye Enlarge and Teeth Whitening.
  • Automatic red-eye removal helps eyes look bright and clear by automatically fixing the color distortion that happens when light from the flash reflects in the eyes of your subject.
  • User-friendly interface makes Perfectly Clear so simple and intuitive, even beginners will be able to correct photos instantly.
  • Powerful photo browser lets you crop, delete, rotate and quickly flip through images in a gallery so you no longer need to go to another app to view your images.
  • Quick Correct lets you make edits directly from the photo browser.
  • Significantly faster processing lets you correct images at up to 2 times the speed.
  • New capture capabilities for Android 5.0 Lollipop give you full-resolution high speed burst, full-resolution panorama, HDR shots of fast-moving subjects, white balance options and more.

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When testing out Perfectly Clear 4.0 for Android, I used a Galaxy Note 4, which has one of the best Android cameras in the market. It does some in-camera effects including sharpening the photo. With that in mind, Perfectly Clear did some wonderful touch-up work. I continue to be impressed by how well the automatic functionality of the app works.

The first test I did was to use the automatic ‘fix’ button on the first screen. This cleaned up the image, but I felt something was lacking. So, I opened up what I consider the ‘fine tuning’ menu. This menu included some additional features including Fix Dark, Fix Tint, Adjust and Beautify.


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Beautify continues to be the most impressive feature I’ve seen in Perfectly Clear. Even though you can fine tune the settings within Beautify, the automatic function works incredibly well. The examples I have below show a selfie I took using the camera shutter inside Perfectly Clear. The only adjustment I did was to apply the Beautify filter. It automatically softened any blemishes on my skin and smoothed out the imperfections that were present. I was amazed at how well it worked. In addition to the filters and presets included, one feature I really like is the before/after divider. It shows what the filter actually does to the image while comparing it to the original.

Perfectly Clear for Android is an amazing app and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve the quality of their photos. It’s a wonderful extension for the Perfectly Clear family. The app $2.99 and is available at the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store.

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