Keep tabs on your Apple Pencil’s cap with PencilCozy.

With the addition of the iPad Pro, you have the Apple Pencil – a nifty device that allows you to have the closest to paper drawing experience around. The problem with the Apple Pencil is the cap that covers the Lightning plug on the pencil. Apple created a wonderful device but gives you no real way to help you keep from losing the little cap. I’ve heard a few stories over the past few months since the Apple Pencil came to market on how people have lost their cap or rigged their own homemade way to keep track of it, but Cozy-Industries has come out with a sleek solution to solve the problem.

PencilCozy-UnchainedPencilCozy is a rubber cap cover that fits snugly to the Apple Pencil to keep your cap from getting separated from your pencil. It feels like, with the regular daily use of the Apple Pencil, the PencilCozy should hold up well without there being a fear of it slipping or snapping off. There are two small flaws with the design of this product. First, it adds a little bit of weight (0.2 ounces) and it changes the balance of the pencil. Neither of these two issues causes any problem for me, but it’s something I felt that should be mentioned as I’m learning everyone has an opinion for every product. Another thing to mention is that the soft silicone rubber that cozy is made from does catch some lint if you are storing the pencil in your pocket.

PencilCozy comes in three color options – teal, white, and glow in the dark. I think the glow in the dark option could be helpful when digging around in a dark laptop bag for your pencil.

The PencilCozy will also keep you from having the dreaded pencil-roll-off-the-table problem that everyone who has been in school has encountered. I know I’ve had pencils roll off of tables so much in my life I lost count.

I’m very OCD about my gadgets. So having my Apple Pencil’s cap locked to my pencil keeps me knowing it’s not going to be left behind at a coffee house or hotel when traveling. Heck, taking it on and off at CES drove me crazy as I was waiting for the second I would reach into my pocket to find it missing.

PencilCozy-Table-RollAs you can see I’ve put way too many words in my review about a simple rubber cap holder. I’m sure others feel like me and want to keep their Apple Pencil’s cap with the device they paid so much for.


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