Protector case provides a safe, secure place for your memory cards.

For many years I have carried my memory cards in my pockets. I know this is not the way to store them, but it’s usually what is most convenient and I’ve never found a suitable carrying case. The problem with just slipping memory cards in your pocket — aside from them getting disorganized — is that dirt, moisture and other factors could damage them. So, I’ve been searching for a carrying case that would not only protect the cards, but also be stylish and easy to slip into my camera bag or pocket. So, I turned to Pelican for my memory card storage needs. Fortunately, they have an amazing case called the Protector Memory Card Case.

Pelican Protector Memory Card Case REVIEW

The Protector case is a classic Pelican case. It’s water resistant (IPx4). The body is made out of a tough Polycarbonate resin and is a hard shell. The latch is made with a hard ABS plastic and creates a very tight seal for the inside of the case. The interior liner is made out of Elastomer foam and it absorbs shock as well as keeps the memory cards locked safely in place and organized. The Protector case can hold up to 12 SD cards, 6 Mini SD cards, and 6 Micro SD cards. The foam is actually set in a way that the Micro and Mini SD cards lay beneath the full size SD cards. Two additional features of the case include a silicon rubber O-Ring and nickel-plated brass pins that hold the hinge together.

Pelican Protector Memory Card Case REVIEW

The first thing to do with this case is to actually get it out of its packaging. It ships in plastic thermoformed packaging so you have to cut through it, which is a job on its own. The packaging was actually the only thing I didn’t like about the Protector case. Once you get through the packaging, the case opens at the latch, which is a very tight fit. The case opens and lays flat on a table so that you can view all the contents easily. Since the case comes preassembled and there isn’t any additional set-up aside from place the cards into their designated spots inside the foam, there aren’t any complicated instructions that accompany the case.

Pelican Protector Memory Card Case REVIEW

The Protector Memory Card Case is really ideal for me. It keeps the cards safe and secure and they are easy to access inside this case. I also really love that the Protector is only the size of a smartphone. When I hold it up to an iPhone 7, it’s just slightly smaller, but it’s about 2.5 times as thick. At this size, the case can easily slip into a pocket and still keep the cards dry and free from extraneous dirt. Another thing I really like about this case is that since the cards fit into the case tightly in place so that when you open the case, you don’t have to worry about them just falling out. The Protector case is a really nice product and something I feel that any photographer should have to keep their cards safe. With a company like Pelican you can rest easy knowing your gear will always be safe.

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