Pelican has announced the expansion of its critically-acclaimed rugged line of durable phone cases with the addition of four all NEW cases for the new iPhones that were announced today by Apple.

  • Pelican™ Rogue Phone Case (MSRP: $30)
  • Pelican™ Mogul Phone Case (MSRP: $40)
  • Pelican™ Traveler Phone Case (MSRP: $50)
  • Pelican™ Protector EMS [Easy Mount System] Recharge Protector Case (MSRP: $80)

All Backed by Pelican’s Legendary Lifetime Guarantee and Drop-Tested to Military Specs

 NEW Pelican iPhone productsPelican™ Rogue Phone Case ($30)

  • Influenced by Pelican legacy protective cases, features a new waffle-style casing 
  • This exclusive construction absorbs, redirects and disperses the force of impact
  • Tested to Military specifications to survive multiple drops
  • The flexible yet impervious rubber won’t tear, pierce or scratch
  • Compatible with iPhone® X / iPhone® 11 Pro, iPhone® 11, iPhone® 11 Pro Max 
  • Available in three colors: Glow in the Dark, Black and Taupe

 Pelican™ Mogul Phone Case ($40)

  • Designed for consumers looking for a rugged, elegant option features clean lines and super-solid construction
  • The new soft-touch overmold allows for a slim design that’s easy to hold and won’t slip off surfaces
  • Doubling down on its phone protection, this case uses a flexible rubber that goes back-to-back with protective polycarbonate to create double lines of defense against impacts, scratches and shatters
  • This updated look comes complete with military grade drop protection and shock absorption technology
  • Available for the iPhone® 11 Pro Max in a distinctive transparent purple/silver

 Pelican™ Traveler Phone Case ($50)

  • Refined lightweight, streamlined design
  • Features reinforced three-layer construction and a flexible interior bumper that absorbs the force of impact
  • The fortified polycarbonate and material shell protects phone from damage
  • Distinctive, enhanced Grip Stitching around every edge ensures a comfortable hold
  • Compatible with the iPhone® X, iPhone® 11 Pro, iPhone® 11, iPhone® 11 Pro Max
  • Available in Black and Taupe

Pelican™ Protector EMS [Easy Mount System] Recharge Phone Case ($80)

  • This great value add includes the top selling rugged Pelican™ Protector Phone Case with an integrated Auto Mount System and a detachable magnetic battery to provide on the go wireless charging.
  • Using the wireless Qi™ – certified charging technology, the Pelican Protector EMS Recharge Phone Case provides secure and consistent hands-free wireless charging.
  • For added convenience, it also features an additional USB port for charging of other non-wireless charging devices.
  • Created with technology once reserved for first responders and extreme-enthusiasts around the globe, the Pelican Protector EMS Recharge Phone Case features a rigid, impact-resistant outer shell combined with a shock-absorbing rubber lining for the most extreme drops.
  • It provides military-spec protection and will easily take on stairs, sidewalks, and everywhere else a phone may accidentally tumble.
  • Available for the iPhone® X, iPhone® 11 Pro, iPhone® 11, iPhone® 11 Pro Max
  • Available in Black/Black
  • In addition to this new model, Pelican introduced the Pelican™ Protector EMS Wireless Charging Vent Mount and Pelican™ Protector EMS Vent Mount.

Pelican cases for the iPhone are available for purchase at, AT&T stores, and

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