Peel Super Thin iPhone 6 Case Review

Photo_4I wish I lived in a world where I would never be clumsy enough to drop my phone and one where the materials that phones are made out of are totally scratch and dent proof. If I lived in that world, I’m the type of person who would never put a case on my phone.

Sometimes it seems like I’m always trying to find the balance between protection for my devices without ruining the design aesthetic of my little electronic marvels of science.

Photo_2Those you are familiar with my reviews will know that I try out a lot of cases for my phones and that I prefer thin cases and I hate branding. I really thought that the envelope had been totally pushed to the edge until I encountered the iPhone 6 Super Thin Case by Peel.

I’m going to start out by stating the obvious; this is absolutely the most thin iPhone 6 case I have ever used period. I can’t overstate how thin this case is. Forgive the comparison, but if you have ever used an ultra thin condom, this thing feels more thin than that seriously.

In spite of the ultra thin design, the material provides a good grip for your hand and using it feels like there is no case on it at all. The design is a translucent gray material that is clear enough to see your iPhone branding through the case. While on the subject of branding, I should mention that Peel did not put their name on this case anywhere. If you’re like me and you get annoyed by large and obtrusive branding on your cases, fear not because the only way someone will know who made this case if if you tell them.

Photo_1I feel that it is important to mention that this case will protect your phone from scratches, scrapes and other common dangers during everyday use, but I am not confident that it would offer much protection during a drop from waist height. That’s okay through, because you have to make some tradeoffs for a case that is so thin, it doesn’t feel like it is there at all.

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