An exquisite treat for those who have a sweet tooth.

I’ve always been a fan of the sweeter things in life. From an early age, my grandfather, in particular, would teach my brother and me about all kinds of treats and how nice it is to enjoy them with those you love. As an adult, I’ve even been fortunate to receive treats as a gift. The gourmet-level treats are things I would never get for myself, but I love getting them as a special surprise especially when they are delivered unexpectedly. One of the companies that specializes in this type of gift-giving is the Chocolate Pizza Company. I was fortunate enough to be able to try out one of their best-sellers, the Peanut Butter Wing. If you have a sweet tooth, you can’t miss this one.


The Peanut Butter Wings are a perfect blend of salty and sweet tastes in a single treat. Peanut Butter Wings are made from rippled potato chips, creamy peanut butter, and milk or dark chocolate. A fan-favorite, the Peanut Butter Wings have been a best-seller of Chocolate Pizza for a very long time. The wings come in two different flavors – Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate – and two different sizes – 8oz or 16oz. The treat is packaged in a decorative box and wrapped in cellophane. According to the website, the snack can remain fresh for up to 6 months if contained in the plastic. Each wing is dipped by hand. 

Peanut Butter Wings by Chocolate Pizza Company REVIEW


If I had to choose one word to describe the Peanut Butter Wings it would be ‘messy’. When I opened the box to reveal the chocolate-covered chips, I found a congealed blob of chips, chocolate, and peanut butter. As I would soon discover, it did not affect the taste of the treats, but it did leave a bad first impression. Given that the chips have a chocolate covering, I would expect some stickiness, but I had a hard time breaking off pieces in order to enjoy them. I don’t have a good suggestion for fixing this other than individually wrapping pieces – but those would likely just stick to the wrapping, too. 

I can testify to the freshness of the product. I received the chips about 45 days before I actually consumed them. When they arrived, they set out on a counter for a couple of days and then were transferred to our refrigerator. So, they remained sealed and chilled until I was ready to try them out. The website claims that they will stay fresh up to 6 months and even though I only waited a month and a half, I was impressed by how well they stayed preserved. The chips were still crispy and the chocolate did not taste or have the texture of an ‘old’ product. 

Peanut Butter Wings by Chocolate Pizza Company REVIEW

When I broke open a chip, I can clearly see the chip, the layer of peanut butter, and the chocolate coating. I was impressed with how even each layer seemed to be on the treat. Sometimes with products like this, you end up with clumps or ‘piles’ of each ingredient in one spot on the item. I believe that the evenness of the Peanut Butter Wing probably comes from the fact that they are hand dipped. 

The taste of the Peanut Butter Wing is unique. The chocolate is very smooth (I had the Milk Chocolate version) and melts in your mouth. The peanut butter has a velvety smooth texture and it blends nicely with the chocolate and the chip. It’s the perfect middle layer in this treat. The chip is a fun crunchy surprise that rests in the center. It not only adds a crunch to the treat, but it also adds a nice salty aftertaste and brings the entire snack together. 

Peanut Butter Wings by Chocolate Pizza Company REVIEW


Since I am a fan of sweet treats, the Peanut Butter Wings were right up my alley. I found them to be an exquisite snack and would love to receive them as a gift. They are very rich and I can’t see many people eating more than one or two in a sitting. I’m not sure that it’s something I would order for myself, but I’d love being surprised with some Peanut Butter Wings in the future. 

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