A truly marvelous camera accessory.

Over the past few months, I’ve been testing more and more camera gear. The wrist strap is something I never really thought much about until my time with other Peak Design products. Learning how all of their straps work together via their unique Anchor Link system really made me take notice of them and the wrist strap they call the Cuff.

When taking my camera on and off tripods, sliders, neck straps, monopods, and now, wrist straps, I like to find ways to cut down on the time between swapping devices. It has been a priority to me. This is the main reason I switched from the Bogen/Manfrotto quick release plate to the ArcaSwiss style quick release plate systems and the same reasoning I have for switching all my straps over to Peak Design straps. I save time and hassle by using the products from Peak Design and it is outstanding.

Peak Design Cuff REVIEW

The Cuff is a low profile wrist strap that can be worn as a bracelet so that it is out of the way when it’s not in use but can be quickly applied as a wrist strap by snapping it into place with the Peak Design Anchor Link. I can go from handheld to unstrapped and back on my tripod in seconds. Because Peak Design uses a plate that is designed to work with ArcaSwiss plates I can leave this plate on my camera and switch from the Cuff to the Neck Strap to my Monopod faster than unscrewing a standard strap’s 1/4″ screw from the camera.

The Cuff is made out of some incredibly strong materials. The strap features seatbelt-style nylon webbing with an anodized aluminum adjuster hardware while the connectors have anti-abrasion thermoplastic-corded Anchors. The Peak Design Clip is designed to handle over 200 lbs. The Cuff isn’t just for cameras, too. You can use it with binoculars, GoPros, rangefinders, tools, and more.

Peak Design Cuff REVIEW

What comes in the box? Peak Design includes the Cuff and two of their Anchor Links. These are a newer style and are not flat like the previous models. They are designed to be easier to clip on. The Cuff also comes with a Peak Design sticker and a small carrying pouch. I can’t really get in words how truly wonderful this is. Needless to say, the Cuff is built very well and feels like it will last a long time. The threading looks like it was tightly sewed and all-in-all, I don’t have any complaints with this product.

Peak Design Cuff REVIEW

Some people may say, “Who needs a wrist strap?” I personally feel better knowing my $3500 camera is safely attached to my wrist in the event that it gets knocked loose from my grip. It could happen easily when you are in a crowded room and trying to set up your gear or while you are breaking it down. Getting bumped while shooting interviews or just trying to take a break off to the side can cause catastrophe and having something like the Cuff to ensure that my Canon 5D Mark IV doesn’t smash to the ground is priceless to me. The Cuff might be a bit pricier than other wrist straps on the market coming in at $29.95 but because of the ecosystem that Peak Design has created, it’s worth every penny in my opinion.

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