PDF Expert brings a desktop-class PDF reader to iOS.

PDFExpert4For the past six years, I’ve done freelance design work and computer repair. With every client job, there is a work order that clients sign-off on prior to work beginning. It’s an essential part of the business bookkeeping. In the midst of this freelance work, I also began trying to switch over to a paperless system, which can become a nightmare. I’ve tried app after app hoping to find something that would help me manage these precious documents while also allowing notes to be made and clients to physically sign them. Another feature that is important to me is the ability sync with either Dropbox or iCloud. With the apps I’ve tried I end up taking one step forward, but then two steps back…until now.

For the past week I’ve been excitedly playing with PDF Expert 5 for iOS. This app is just what I’ve been looking for. Developer, Readdle, is behind PDF Expert 5. I’ve always been a huge fan of Readdle because they make great apps like Scanner Pro. With PDF Expert 5 you can –

  • Sign Contracts
  • Highlight Text
  • Review Documents
  • Fill Forms
  • Draw with Your Finger
  • Create Notes
  • Make Bookmarks

PDFExpert2PDF Expert 5 allows me to store documents, which is one of the features I was most looking forward to. I can now manage my PDFs in one app without having to search for them. I can also edit details by creating markups within the PDF with text, handwriting, or even stamps. What’s even better is that my clients can sign work orders on the screen of my iPad using their finger or a stylus. PDF Expert has quickly become my all-in-one document app for the iPad. Another great detail about PDF Expert is that it’s a universal app – it will work with either iPhone or iPad – and I can easily pull up any file that needs to be reviewed or signed without having to be at my computer.

Some other great features of PDF Expert include:

File transfer between iOS devices and Mac – You can use iTunes to share files easily with PDF Expert.

Email Attachment Saving – You can save your email attachments simply by using the “Open In…” dialogue.

File Sync – You can sync your files with various cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. PDF Expert 5 manages multiple cloud accounts at one time.

PDFExpert3Review Mode is what allows users to markup PDFs with changes, notes, or signatures. This is particularly useful for anyone who uses markups to pass documents between colleagues for approvals.  I know that my fiance’s company does this quite frequently and a good markup system isn’t always found with other PDF apps on iOS. It’s definitely a highlight of PDF Expert and it also comes with some preset stamps that can be used to point out certain areas of the PDF. Please note that Review Mode is currently only available on the iPad version of PDF Expert for iOS.

PDF Expert also offers a great deal of security. I like to be sure that my clients are comfortable that I’m keeping their information confidential. PDF Expert assists with this by restricting access with a password. You also have the option of enabling iOS Data Protection to encrypt everything while your device is not in use.

PDF Expert is an absolute must for anyone who uses PDFs in their life. It’s a very impressive app and I look forward to using it for many years to come. For more information visit readdle.com/products/pdfexpert5.

PDF Expert retails for $9.99 and is available through the App Store.