Discreet Bluetooth headset with surprising level of performance

I’m going to be honest; I was not optimistic about this headset. It has a funny looking shape and I am generally not a fan of the small, deep in the ear type headsets. Also, with the small size, I thought that the battery life would have to be terrible. However, I am happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised by the PChero S530-Plus in every regard but one. More on that later.

First, the positive points. This thing is tiny and does not lay or look heavy in your ear. If this the main reason you are considering this headset, then look no further. Also, it is very comfortable in the ear. I wore it for two plus hours while I worked on my computer and did some housework and it did not start hurting, which for me is a big plus. Speaking of time, while I was working I listened to a two-hour podcast through the S530-Plus and the battery only lost 25% available talk time. This really impressed me because of it’s small size. So this Bluetooth headset would make a great choice for heavy talkers/podcast enthusiast too.

PChero S530-Plus Invisible Bluetooth Headset REVIEW

Now, for what is arguably the most important feature, audio quality. Both podcasts and phone calls sounded great through the PChero S530-Plus. Audio was crisp and clear and the range of volume adjustment was on par with other compact and I might add more expensive headsets. I also noticed that even when my phone was in my pocket and I turned my head away that the unit did not have static or connection issues. As a test, I put my hands over the phone and turned my head the opposite way and still ldid not encounter any audio issues. Another plus for the PChero S530-Plus.

The only real issue I had with this Bluetooth headset was that the multi-function button on the side seems to only function for pairing and pausing / un-pausing music, etc. When there was no podcast playing or phone call in progress, I would expect the button to activate Siri/OK Google, however on my iPhone this action simply started whatever audio I had been listening to last. For me this was irritating, because I have a habit of pressing this button on my headsets prior to the days of being able to say hey Siri. If you don’t use the button in this way, then this is a non-issue for a lot of people.

PChero S530-Plus Invisible Bluetooth Headset REVIEW

All in all, I think the S530-Plus bluetooth headset by PChero would make a great choice for most users, because who doesn’t like smaller with great battery life? Also, the price is right compared to other more expensive bluetooth headsets.

For more information, visit xpchero.com.