Find where you can pay with Apple Pay using Pay Finders.

Pay Finders iOS App Review 2I really enjoy using Apple Pay. It’s convenient and efficient. It keeps me from having to fumble through my purse while I’m searching for my wallet or debit card. The only issue I have is where I live, it seems like businesses that accept Apple Pay are few and far between. At first, only certain Walgreens stores were accepting it as a form of payment. Slowly, but surely, more businesses are emerging with it as an option, but where are they? Pay Finders, an app for iOS, provides an opportunity for users to find those elusive locations.

The purpose of Pay Finders is to provide Apple Pay enthusiasts with a map of locations that accept Apple Pay. It’s a very simple, but effective concept and it’s really helpful. As an Apple Pay enthusiast myself, I do tend to visit businesses that accept Apple Pay over ones that don’t and this app helps you be able to discern where you can pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Some of the features of the app include:

  • Pay Finders iOS App Review 3The ability to discover and explore local merchants that accept Apple Pay
  • Turn-by-turn Apple Map directions to Apple Pay merchants
  • A rating system that allows you to rate and report your experience with  Apple Pay merchants
  • An option to build a personal Apple Pay merchant favorite lists

At face value, Pay Finders is really a pretty simple app. It’s a map system that provides you with points where you can pay using Apple Pay. When you start up the app for the first time, you will of course be asked to allow notifications and location services access to the app’s data. I would recommend both of these options be turned on otherwise you really won’t have the full experience of the app. You are also asked to sign-up (for free) as a Pay Finder user. I proceeded with the app testing without signing up for as a partner and did not find that there was any limited functionality.

Pay Finders iOS App Review 4One minor annoyance that I discovered was the discontinuation of my phone playing music while the app is in use. When I started Pay Finders up, I was listening to Pandora music. Because this app uses sound effects, it shut down my Pandora music. I was able to start the music playing again, but any time I would select a function of the app, Pandora would be stopped again. This doesn’t really effect the functionality of the app, but because it effected the functionality of the phone, I thought it was prudent to mention it here.

Overall, Pay Finders is a very nice, creative app. The interface is very intuitive and it’s got a clean design. I’m glad that it was designed to work so well with other parts of the iOS system. Pay Finders is a free app and is available to download in the iTunes App Store.

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