Every Mac owner should have this clipboard manager.

Over the past few months we here at MacSources have been bombarded with requests to review products. This is a good thing and I have no complaints, but because of this, I almost missed out finding this amazing app in the Mac App Store called Paste.

Paste for Mac Review 3Paste is a clipboard manager that allows you to save items you’ve copied using the shortcut key Command C. Some of its main features are:

  • Extends system clipboard to an unlimited number of items
  • Clipboard history browsing and management
  • Recognizes and stores any type of content (Text, Images, Files, Links) and generates a beautiful previews
  • An intuitive user interface and incredible user experience allows to focus on an essential work
  • Intelligent and fast search
  • Direct Paste inserts history item directly to an activa app
  • Strips text styles and formatting on copy or paste
  • Clipboard history sharing via AirDrop, Email, iMessage and social networks

paste-preferences-rulesIn OS X, once you copy something it only lasts in the clipboard until you restart or until the next thing you copy takes its place. With Paste, you can set it up to copy 10, 50, 100, 500, or an unlimited amount of items. Paste has a beautiful design that makes quickly viewing items you’ve copied over time very simple and appealing to the eyes. The interface is clean and not only can Paste copy text, but it will also hold images, folders, web addresses, etc. Basically, anything you can use Command + C with, Paste can store it in its own clipboard ready for you to pull up at a moment’s notice.

To use Paste use the default shortcut key Command-Shift-V and the menu will pull up from the bottom of your screen with little squares that tell you what type of item has been copied how long the character count is.

Paste for Mac Review 4You can double-click on the box to add that saved info to your Mac’s clipboard for pasting. Or, you can right-click on the box you wish for a set of options that includes sharing options as well as specific pasting formatting functions.

Photo-1 (copy)

Until I found Paste in the Mac App Store, I had been using a nice app that does the same thing just not as well as Paste and without the super clean layout. I knew once I read the description of Paste that I would have a use for it my only question is would it replace my current app I was using. As you can see from my five star rating it definitely did. Paste is an app everyone should have.

The time it saves me when researching is incredible. I can simply copy items without having to switch away from what I’m doing because I know everything I’ve copied is waiting for me. Paste is $6.99 and definitely worth every penny.

For more information, visit pasteapp.me.
Find Pasteapp on Facebook and Twitter.

Download Paste Here


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