Update released to incorporate support for iPad.

If you are like me you are constantly copying items from your computer. I will highlight items and type command + C all day long. The trouble is that a standard computer’s clipboard will only save one copy action at a time. A few years ago, I was introduced to Paste for Mac. It’s a full-service clipboard manager that allows you to have an infinite history of items you copy. It’s like a time machine for your clipboard and it’s available on all your Apple devices. The app features an unlimited history, intelligent search, and iCloud sync support. The app presents your clipboard history in a very easy to read visual display. You can quickly sift through items you’ve pasted and save them to customized pinboards. You even have the option of customizing shortcuts so that you can have seamless copy-pasting between apps and files.

Paste for iPad REVIEW

Paste was first released for Mac as a utility app. It’s only really there when you need it and it’s in the background when you don’t. With the iOS version, Paste is a true mobile app that has to be opened in order to use it. Even though this is an extra step, it’s well worth it especially if you use the app as a way to store important data. We recently published a review of the iOS version of Paste and not long after releasing it, iPad support as integrated in the form of an in-app purchase. Paste version 2.1.0 was released March 15, 2018. The update for iPad is considered an in-app purchase for the iOS version of the app and costs $4.99 while the iPhone portion of the app is free to download and use.

Paste for iPad REVIEW

Just like the standard iOS version, Paste for iPad will sync across your Mac and iPhone so that you never lose anything you copy and can use your clipboard history on any device. It has a beautiful interface and with the full-screen view of your clipboard items, it makes it that much easier to manage and organize different lists. I mainly use the iPad version for this purpose. I will take time to organize the pinboards on the iPad that way when I use Paste on my Mac or iPhone, I can just work without having to worry about where those items will be stored.

Even though there is a charge for the add-on, having Paste on your iPad can be an invaluable tool to increase your productivity no matter what system you are using.

DOWNLOAD – Paste for iOS – $4.99

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