Paste got it right where Apple did not

Almost 3 years ago, I was introduced to Paste for Mac — a clipboard management tool that allows you to save the information you’ve copied into a system where you can retrieve it later. Until I started using it, I really didn’t understand how much a clipboard manager could improve my workflow. Until I started using Paste for Mac I was faced with the cumbersome task of pasting copied information into a Note or other document if I wanted it later. That can really slow you down when you are working on a big project so when I was introduced to Paste, I was ecstatic. Then, in the fall of 2016, my joy was quickly deflated when Apple announced their own Universal Clipboard which would let users copy items on one Apple device and then paste the content on another Apple device. I remember thinking, “Oh, no! Paste just got Sherlocked!” If you don’t recognize this term, it’s when Apple creates software that mimics applications that are currently available.

There is one big difference between Apple’s Universal Clipboard and Paste though. The Universal Clipboard isn’t a ‘manager’ and you can’t retrieve items after a certain point in time. Paste truly is like Time Machine for your clipboard whereas Apple’s Universal Clipboard is a temporary information transfer system. I’ve been a loyal user of Paste ever since I was introduced to it in 2015 and I’m very happy to share the announcement from the Paste team that the popular clipboard manager is now available for iOS, too!

Paste for iOS and Mac REVIEW


Paste for iOS, like the Mac version, is a clipboard management tool that allows you to quickly retrieve items you have copied on iOS devices. Thanks to the iCloud sync feature, you can also access items copied on your Mac (as long as you have the latest version – 2.3 or newer) on your iOS device and vice-versa. The app will automatically store items copied across your devices and keeps your clipboard history organized. With Paste, you never have to lose anything you’ve copied. It will recognize text, images, links, files, and other types of content. You can extend your system clipboard capacity and browse through your history quickly. You can even search through your history with intelligent filters.

With Paste, you can also create Pinboards that you can use for different projects and keep your clipboard history organized. You can keep snippets stored that you use regularly so that you can access them instantly. Now that Paste has been released for iOS, a brilliant function that is included is the ability to sync with your Mac. All data securely syncs with iCloud across all your devices that have Paste. Paste for iOS and Mac was designed to improve your productivity and efficiency. According to the developers of Paste, they have:

  • made 379 improvements under the hood to make Paste faster and better
  • listened to customer feedback and spent 467 hours making sure everything works flawlessly

Paste for iOS is a free download while Paste for Mac is $14.99 for new users (the update to 2.3 is free for current users).

Paste for iOS and Mac REVIEW

User Experience

Even though I’ve been using Paste for Mac for quite some time, it’s been fun getting to know the iOS version of the app. When you first open the app, you are taken to the Pinboards screen. This is the ‘dashboard’ for the app. It contains the clipboard history, useful links, and any other pinboards you’ve set up. In the upper right-hand corner, you will see three dots, which indicate the presence of a menu. When you pull that up, you will find two options – manage pinboards and settings. The Manage Pinboards option really only gives you the option to reorder your boards, add new ones, or delete them. The app settings provide you with some simple toggle switches to select. This is where you can enable iCloud sync if you have the Mac version as well.

I chose to sync the app from iOS and Mac together. When you do that, it’s really like magic is taking place because anything you copy on one device is instantly (within a few seconds) available on the other. I really like how the Clipboard History menu is structured on the iOS all. It not only gives you a preview of the copied item, but it also shows you how long ago it was added to your history, what app the item was copied from and what its size is. When you select a single item you can see the full body of the copied information. You also have the ability to copy that information again for quick use, pin it to a new pinboard, share it, or delete it. It’s a very slick way to store vital information or even just things you catch on the go. There is seldom a time that I’m not browsing the Internet that I don’t find something I want to save for later. Paste for iOS gives me that opportunity.

Paste for iOS and Mac REVIEW

Paste for Mac Update – 2.3

At the same time that Paste for iOS is being released, the macOS version has received an update as well. This update is required if you want to sync between the Mac and iOS versions. That is probably the most visible change to the Mac version of Paste even though hundreds of improvements have been made to the software. The release notes in the Mac App Store were a little vague on with specifics, but I can say that the sync between iOS and Mac work flawlessly.

Paste for iOS and Mac REVIEW


I would gladly recommend Paste for both Mac and iOS to anyone with a Mac and iPhone. Even if you only have one of the two devices having an app like Paste to copy and store your clipboard is an invaluable tool. Paste as an essential app is right up there with 1Password for me. They are the first two apps I install when setting up a new Mac. Now that Past for iOS is here, it will also be one of the first apps installed on every new iOS device I get. My advice to anyone reading this is go to the app store and get both of these apps now. I use Paste so much thought my day that I wouldn’t know how to function without the Mac app anymore.

DOWNLOAD – Paste for Mac v2.3 – $14.99 (for new users; the update is free for existing users)
DOWNLOAD – Paste for iOS – FREE

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