Productivity hack: Paste app for smart clipboard history and snippets management

Have you ever copied something, then forgot to paste, and lost it forever? Or made a research with dozens of copy-pastes? Or lost your thought after switching away from what you were doing to paste something to an appropriate place? If you know these pains, Paste app for Mac is for you. Paste is a smart clipboard history and snippets manager. It keeps everything you’ve ever copied and lets you use your clipboard history whenever you need it. It works for text, images, links, files (even folders!), and many other types of content.

Paste 2 Mac App REVIEW

Paste extends your clipboard History capacity literally to the unlimited mode.

Paste 2 Mac App REVIEW

Almost a year ago  of MacSources already reviewed Paste. ‘Every Mac owner should have this clipboard manager,’ – he said. Several days ago a new version was released, and Nicholas’ words and still true. By the way, before Paste 2 became available more than 5000 beta testers had examined the app.

The main features remain the same:

— History management, rules, and exceptions. You can even send it to other devices via AirDrop or share with your friends.

— Select and paste multiple items simultaneously or just drag-n-drop them to any application.

— Paste plain or rich text.

— Intelligent search with flexible filters — by copied content, type of content and by the application.

Paste 2 Mac App REVIEW

 The new version boasts:

— Pinboards. Keep your clipboard history organized, create lists and pin your favorite snippets in an order you like.

Paste 2 Mac App REVIEW

— Quick Look support, large preview for any type of snippet.

Paste 2 Mac App REVIEW

— New customizable shortcuts, new snippets type (color), and even new app icon.

— The app is now localized into 17 languages.

Dmitry Obukhov, the developer, came up with the idea of Paste as a result of his experiments with UI when he was trying to create a product that looked and felt like a part of OS X. So now Paste provides a native experience and seamlessly integrates into your workflow. User reviews on the App Store and comments on Product Hunt (where the app is currently featured) demonstrate the highest user loyalty, and according to Dmitry user retention rate reaches 75%!

Perhaps you tried similar products. Well, for me Paste is the most user-friendly app of that kind. If you never thought you might need this type of apps, just get started in no time and discover how Paste increases your productivity. (There is no trial, but remember you can always get a refund on the App Store). And if you are among those feeling that something needs to be done with all these copy-pastes, then you know what to do (link to the App Store is below). 

DOWNLOAD – Paste – $9.99 – Mac

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