Numerous typographical errors, language issues and questionable utility, plague the PARK! pp.

As of June 2016, there were over 2.000,000 applications in the IOS App store.  Many of these are not worth your time, many are duplicated ideas and some are worth their weight in gold.  As you are aware, some of the apps are paid apps and some of them are free-ish.  With the regular changes and updates to the IOS, Siri has become ever more involved.  The “Hey Siri” command is now actually useful.  With IOS 10, simply ask Siri “Hey Siri, What Can I say?”  She will take you to a list of options to include “Call Nick, FaceTime Heather, Launch Photos, Launch (App Name), Set up meeting at a given time, give me directions home, what movies are playing, play music, what’s the weather for today (do I need my umbrella?), buy movies/songs through iTunes and so much more.  With Siri integration booming, some of the available apps become redundant and actually a burden on system memory.  This is what I found for the Park! App from

The app promises hands-free parking, by asking Siri “Hey Siri open the Park! app.”  For the first two days of usage, there are no advertisements.  When you get to day 3, you will be taken to a preview of the game Mobile Strike.  I understand the desire for revenue, but you cannot even get into the application, without checking a small X in the top left of the screen.  This completely negates the “hands-free” tutorial page, that you check as you are running through the tutorial.  From beginning to end, you will notice that this App is not finished.  The opening page of the tutorial states “Welcome to Puel! The first app that will direct you to the nearest parking without you having to touch your iPhone.” Page 2 of the tutorial tells you that you will see an add but not again for 2 days.  Again, day 3 you will notice that you have to watch adds again.  I do appreciate that they inform you about their revenue source.  You will need to give the app access to your location and to your notifications.

Park! iOS App REVIEW: The Not so Hands-Free, Hands-Free Parking space finder

Once downloaded, you will be able to say “Hey Siri, Open Park!”  If your iPhone is not opened/unlocked, you will need to do so with a thumbprint or passcode on the lock screen.  If it is already opened/unlocked it will take you to the app.  Unfortunately, here you will notice more of the unfinished nature of this application.  You will see “Park!” in large white letters on a mint green background.  Using my home location, (which is not close to any parking structures or parking lots) it reported for Parking, “II n’y a aucun parking à proximité 🙁 and for Place II n’y a accuse place de disponible :(. This will cycle every 30 seconds.  There is a countdown across the top.  There are 3 icons across the bottom a P with a circle around it, a cog icon for Parameters and an i with a circle around it for “infos” (not a typo).

If you select the cog icon “Parameters,” you can remove advertising by paying $4.99 or you can win credits by downloading free apps.  Essentially each downloaded app gives you from 2-11 credits, depending on the particular download.   Below this option you will have access to the “App Params” (not a personal typo), where you can toggle automatic choice on/off, measurement in feet/kilometers, sliders for distance to locations, you can select Apple Plan maps or Google Maps (download App first).  Lastly, you can change the language between English and French (although the app store promises 14 languages).  It did default to English, except for the phrasing on the screen as listed above.  I did switch the language to French, to see if the above phrasing switched to English.  Alas, it did not.  This is a clear coding issue.  If you do change to french, the app crashes to the main iPhone screen.  If you re-open the app and switch it back to English, you will note that a French language screen will pop up asking if you are sure.  This remains in French for both changes.  Each time the language is changed, the app will crash/close abruptly.  Launch the app again and it will change to the selected language.

Park! iOS App REVIEW: The Not so Hands-Free, Hands-Free Parking space finder

I have recently had to visit Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee with my daughter.  The app did not provide many benefits to me in rural Kentucky, so I wanted to give this a try in a bigger city.  I was using Siri navigation to get me to the parking structure at the Children’s Hospital and I used the Park! App to see what other parking was available.  It did provide me with 3 options, Parking Garage, east garage and Work Patking (again not a personal typo).  These showed approximate distances and if selected, opened up the same navigation that Siri utilizes.  Using “Hey Siri, find me a place to park,” I was given the same options as above, yet I was able to have a truly hands-free experience.  The app promises hands-free, but you have to touch to get out of the add, you have to touch the option that you want and then touch “GO.”  This is a minimum of 3 touches of the phone for an app that suggests you can find a place to park without having to touch your iPhone.  At home, and using the same “Hey Siri, find me a place to park” command, I was given directions to the local grocery store parking lot, the local gas station parking lot and a few other locations.   Park! told me that there was nothing nearby.

There are a few positive marks to note about the application. The app is a neat idea.  I like that you can bypass the ads through means other than  a cash payment.  Unfortunately, the positive comments end at that point.  There are some glaring typographical errors and there are some language utilization issues.  It seems that there is an error in the code.  It appears that they used a string  “II n’y a aucun parking à proximité 🙁 ” instead of an if, then command, such as if English language selected, then output “we have not found parking near your location” or something similar.   The opening tutorial has PUEL instead of Park.  They have another app called Fuel, which does very similar things to this app, except instead of parking, it finds you a gas station.  That app is more polished and it appears that this was a secondary thought, utilizing similar code.  Personally, this app is a failure, as Siri does everything this can do and does it more accurately.  I do not like the typographical errors, that is just sloppy.  I would rate this unfinished app at 1/5 stars.

After further thought, I laboriously searched for the app in the app store.  I really had a hard time actually finding it.  You can type in VRDCI (the App ID is 1133976818), which will link you to the company.  Here you can search all 5 of their apps.  There is a link, which will take you to their website.  Again, they note hands-free but then state that the passenger may need to select options.  I am sorry, this is not hands-free.  I wanted to like the app, but this app simply is not useful.


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