Featuring three levels of adjustable brightness, dual noise cancelling microphones and studio-grade lighting

Leading webcam manufacturer, PAPALOOK, is pleased to announce the launch of the PAPALOOK PA552 streaming webcam following the success of its previous models, the PA452 and AF925. Featuring a studio-like fill light ring, 1080P at 30FPS detailed streaming, dual microphones with DSP noise filtering tech, and versatile mount options, it’s the ultimate professional webcam for broadcasting whether live streaming, video calling / conferencing or for online studying. The PAPALOOK PA552 webcam is available now from Amazon for £89.99 or Amazon.com for $89.99.

The PAPALOOK PA552 webcam includes a multi-step ring light with adjustable lighting levels. The multi-step ring light offers even and flattering lighting and eliminates harsh shadows as the DSP chip captures outside light and reacts intelligently and automatically like a human’ brain would for the best image exposure. This ensures the best possible streaming experience in even the dimmest light environments. The 5-layer CMOS glass lens and full HD 1080p captures great details with bright and natural colours in fluid video at 30fps, while the 75-degree field of view accommodates up to two people.

The dual omni-directional automatic noise cancelling mics provide high SNR (Signal Noise Ratio) to capture and filter out external and background noise automatically, delivering purer playback sound quality even when broadcasting in busy environments. The PAPALOOK PA552 streaming webcam is able to capture more realistic sound from every angle, with voices sounding natural and clear.

PAPALOOK believes that a fixed-focus lens delivers the best facial image reproduction and color rendition whilst also minimizing distortion. It also adopts advanced portrait reproduction technology to meet the further demands of live broadcasting. This guarantees true-to-life face to face streaming to a user’s fans with no blurs or distortion.

The webcam conveniently clips onto flat-screen computer monitors, televisions and laptop screens or can be placed on desks and other flat surfaces. It is easy to set up with plug and play capability and has USB connectivity to PCs, Macs, Xbox One and is compatible with a full range of video apps.

The PAPALOOK PA552 is available now from Amazon for £89.99 or Amazon.com for $89.99 and comes with a free tripod.