The enterprise tool, which stands for Educate, Collaborate, Optimize, offers a variety of toolkits, expert forums and catered content for the analytics industry

Pandera Systems, a leading, full-service business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions provider, announced the launch of its new enterprise tool, E.C.O. (Educate, Collaborate, Optimize) this week. E.C.O. is a customer success platform for the analytics industry, driving role advancement, solution and technical collaboration, and on-demand support through micro-services. The new platform aims to provide instant results to drive customer success around complex problems that traverse multiple technologies.

Pandera’s new platform prioritizes collaboration and experiential learning to increase user and development engagement through a variety of toolkits, expert forums, and catered content. Currently, E.C.O. empowers users and developers with toolkits in the leading BI platforms such as MicroStrategy, a variety of Integration platforms and Data Management suites, and also includes progressive technologies such as Spark Machine Learning libraries (MLIB). Each toolkit outlines a series of best practices, cross stack design accelerators, installable solutions, examples of solutions to common industry problems, and architecture standards for utilizing these technologies. Looking forward, Pandera plans to expand content and toolkits based on the voice of its customers, as well as the experts who are embedded with customers to provide solutions and value immediately.

“We are excited to share E.C.O. with enterprises nationwide in order to disrupt the status quo of how consulting organizations engage with customers and to provide a new conduit for our customers to succeed,” said Daniel Zagales, director of analytics at Pandera Systems. “With E.C.O., we can drive change to a stagnating system of curriculum-based education in an innovative way. The focus of E.C.O. is to help solve real-world problems quickly, to rapidly create and share solutions, and to expand skills and working knowledge of applied analytics for innovative companies.”

Recently, E.C.O. underwent beta testing with multiple technology enterprises, proving a high propensity to share and disseminate information in a collaborative ecosystem. Through mentorship and experiential learning, existing talent pools could fulfill the growing demand for advanced analytics. The success of the beta found this approach enables people to keep up with rapidly changing technology and how it is applied.

“Pandera aims to promote business sustainability by supporting continuous innovation through the E.C.O. platform,” said Joshua Sutton, CEO of Pandera Systems. “The key lies in the approach itself – creating a platform that engages employees and multi-disciplined experts in real-time to learn and solve problems faster. This interactive ecosystem aids in technical growth for great employees, who innovate faster than traditional services or technical education alone.”

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