ActionGrip is a great option for a versatile mounting system.

I have been looking for a mounting device to use with my camera and Garmin. The stock mount for the Garmin doesn’t have a strong enough suction cup to keep it attached when I use it in my Motorhome, this got frustrating so I left it in the cup holder. When the PanaVise ActionGrip mount came into my hands, I thought it might be worth trying out.

This PanaVise ActionGrip Suction Cup Mount Kit comes with enough parts to create 3 different mounting adapter configurations and an instruction sheet that depicts how you do it. It’s designed with aluminum and custom-engineered composite materials. This combination keeps it lightweight, but strong.

PanaVise ActionGrip Suction Cup Mount Kit REVIEW

So the first thing I did was test out how strong the suction cup was and how well it would attach to various surfaces. I tried it on a mirror, counter top dashboard and finally the windshield. I was impressed by the strength of the mount once it was attached to any surface I tried. It held great, I left it attached to the windshield in the heat to see if that would affect it’s it’s holding strength. It didn’t appear to be any problem at all, it was still attached four hours later and hadn’t moved at all.

PanaVise ActionGrip Suction Cup Mount Kit REVIEW

One thing I did find out was that it does need a relatively flat surface in order to have a positive mount. In addition with all the extra attachment pieces it comes with, you are able to fix it to cameras (that use the 1/4 x 20 thread pattern), Garmins, GoPros. I played with the mounting attachments and different brackets configurations and found them easy to assemble and disassemble. Depending on how ridged you want to make it. I attached my Sony cyber shot camera to the mount and place it on the windshield of the car and used a remote in order to take pictures. It worked great. I was able to take pictures facing forward or rearward.

PanaVise ActionGrip Suction Cup Mount Kit REVIEW

The PanaVise ActionGrip Suction Cup Mount Kit is a great option for anyone who wants a versatile mounting system that can be used with a variety of equipment. For what I was using it for I would give it a five out of five and recommend it to anybody who is looking for a great tool that will hold firmly.

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