The Sandman Doppler complements the twenty-first-century digital life with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and integrated Amazon Alexa capabilities

Palo Alto Innovation (PAI), a company solving everyday consumer problems with efficient and cost-effective products, announces its new smart clock, the Sandman Doppler. The bedside alarm clock has made a progressive leap with the Doppler, as the advanced tech features convert a simple alarm clock into a complete information hub. The Sandman Doppler is debuting and available for demonstrations at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The Sandman Doppler’s features include Wi-Fi capabilities, Bluetooth, and integrated Amazon Alexa to respond to almost unlimited voice commands. In addition to a virtual assistant, the Doppler supports the smart home through its two new programmable buttons, which are integrated seamlessly through the app available for both iPhone and Android devices, to control multiple central functions in the home:

  • Turn on or dim smart lights throughout the home
  • Play favorite music and radio stations
  • Open or close garage doors
  • Lock the front door and activate the home security system

If the above default options are not enough, the smart clock also runs on an open-source code, allowing owners to add their own features for the Doppler to control as well.

The Doppler also features six high-speed USB charging ports so multiple devices can be powered at once, while also centrally organizing the cables underneath the clock. The dual speaker audio system has been carefully engineered to deliver outstanding sound in a compact package. With an RGB LED clock face and 1.8-inch-tall digits, the readout is less straining on users’ eyes as it automatically adjusts brightness level based on light sensitivity. Along with providing the time, the dashboard also indicates the date, weather, and temperature, stocks and traffic routes – all of which can be customized to any desired color.

“The Sandman Doppler helps enhance the user experience by bringing immediate and direct interaction between the user and their home devices,” said Alex Tramiel, co-founder, and CEO of Palo Alto Innovation. “We are focused on developing unique products that help make life easier, and what better way to do so than to improve a device that’s been helping many get a jumpstart to their mornings for years.”

The Sandman Doppler is currently available for pre-order starting at $119 and will ship in July of 2018, and the original Sandman clock is available on Amazon and Sandman Clocks for $29.99. Palo Alto Innovation’s Sandman Doppler and original Sandman will be available for testing and preview at CES  at booth 42757.

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