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Announced today, Nora is the first smart, non-invasive, snoring solution. Designed in Toronto and San Francisco, Nora is a sleek pebble-shaped device that sits on your bedside table and stops your snoring before your partner wakes up.

When I hear the name “Otterbox,” I immediately think of a protection mobile phone case that is bulky. Otterbox originally started out as a manufacturer of smartphone and tablet cases for outdoor enthusiasts.

Not too long after I inherited my first iPad (from my older brother), I wanted to play music from it on my car stereo. This was the original iPad and was long before Bluetooth technology became popular and mainstream.

The SoundBase 350 is the perfect addition to your home theater system. Will it replace a ‘true’ surround system, no, but it will fill a medium-sized room with a beautiful, deep, abundant sound that you can’t get through traditional add-on speakers.

Ubi is the voice of the internet. It’s like something right out of Star Trek – being able to talk…