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I’m fanatical about keeping a case on my phone. I had an accident with my very first iPhone that was catastrophic and of course, at that time, there were no cases available. Ever since that time, I have kept a case on my phone — no matter what. I try to find minimalist options

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As a content creator, I am on a constant search for resources. I will grab information from lots of different sources and I end up using a text document to save items I clip from websites until I need to use it for an article. There is a better way to collect resources though and it’s called Yoink.

iPhone 13 Pro

I always look forward to Apple’s September event because I know that it’s the dawn of a new iPhone model. Two years ago when the first pro models were launched, I was thrilled. The ‘pro’ has been my go-to iPhone model since then. Last year, I opted for an iPhone