OxyLED provides light where you need it, when you want it, with the mini Infrared Sensing night light.

If you have ever had the horrendous experience of stepping upon a lego, late at night, you may truly understand the need for a night light.  If you have ever tripped over furniture or your dog, you may truly understand the need for a night light.  Whether you are young or you are losing your eyesight, night lights will decrease your risks of falls.  In fact, the American Academy of Family Physicians recommends night lights as one of a few necessary changes for geriatric patients homes post hospital discharge.  OxyLED provides some amazing opportunities to make your home a safer environment.

OxyLED Motion Sensing Night Light

I received two OxyLED Motion Sensor Night Lights Model T-02 mini for review.  Each of the night lights arrived individually packaged inside of a 4 1/6 inch by 1 3/8 inch by 1 1/8 inch plain cardboard box. On the front of the packaging, you will see the name of the device, the model, 6 super bright LED, motion activated and the battery powered status.  Opening the package, you will find a 3 7/8 inch long by 1 1/8 inch wide by 5/8 inch thick light.  The coloration is quite attractive, with a silver body and gray side accents.  The front has a 1/2 inch eye that sticks out the front, which provides the motion sensing capabilities.  Beneath the semi-translucent white plate, you can see six LED.

OxyLED Motion Sensing Night Light
Turning the night light onto the left side, you will notice a battery compartment.  Simply slide the battery door upwards and insert two AAA batteries into the compartment, negative terminal first.  The company placed a battery shaped sticker along the top of the light, which will show you the orientation.  Removing the tape is easy, but it may leave a small bit of residue.  Use the sticker to remove the residual material on the top and enjoy the metallic coloration of the device.  The last step is to find the perfect location for the light and then enjoy the motion activated lighting with a 48-lumen output.

OxyLED mounting

This kit is very convenient, as the mounting 3M tape comes pre-attached to the back of the light. Simply peel and stick.  This is both a blessing and curse, in that you have one attempt at leveling the device.  At first glance, you may think that it will be very difficult to change the batteries, while attached to the wall.  However, the 3M strip is actually attached to a magnetic base, which will allow you to easily remove the batteries.  This setup is incredibly ingenious and I appreciate the thought to this minute detail.

OxyLED Motion Sensing Night Light

The motion sensor is very sensitive and works through passive infrared technology (PIR), to sense movement within 3 meters. It is perfect for hallways, cabinets, garages, stairways and just about any other dark space you can find.   The light will remain illuminated for 15 seconds after no movement is detected.  It will remain illuminated so long as there is detected motion in the field.  Battery life is variable based on the number of on/off cycles.  With ubiquitous AAA batteries, it is easy to find replacement batteries. With 120-degree sensing angle and a nearly 10-foot detection distance, the device will work perfectly to keep your environment safer at night.  I would rate the device at 5/5 stars.

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