From home to office, to emergency situation, the OxyLED T35 will provide a convenient LED lighting option.

The original incandescent light bulb went through various tests, throughout the 1870’s, and ultimately was patented in 1879, by Thomas Alva Edison (History of the Light Bulb).  I find it amazing that it took nearly 100 years before we had the first LED.  Nick Holonyak, Jr. was thirty-three years old when he inadvertently created the very first red LED in 1962.  According to (Inventing the LED Lightbulb), GE started selling LED lamps in 1963 for $260.   By the 1970’s a green LED was invented, followed by yellow LED.  It took nearly another 30 years for three Nobel prize winning inventors to create a blue LED.  Without the blue LED, to be combined with the Red and Green LED, we would not have the white LED that we have come to enjoy.  Thanks to the work of the above individuals, and many others throughout the world, the LED is finally starting to flourish.  With prices of LED bulbs dropping, and smart home features becoming more abundant, I have started to replace my bulbs with LEDs.  Personally, the color scheme of LED bulbs are more enjoyable and are easier on my eyes.  This is the reason that I have LED lights at my work desk.  Recently, I have turned to the desk lamp from OxyLED to illuminate my projects.

OxyLED T35

The OxyLED LED Desk Lamp arrives in a triangular shaped box with a picture of the lamp on the cover.  The lamp appears very futuristic and techie. Rotating the box ninety degrees counterclockwise, you will be presented with the features of the lamp: Color temperature 3800K-4500K, 160 Lumens, DC 5V/1A input, step-less dimming, no dazzling light, USB port, soft LED, no mercury or lead, uses 1/3 lower power, adjustable angle and 20,000 hours of life.  Turning the packaging another ninety degrees counterclockwise, you will notice that the rear of the packaging details the lamp measurements: 290 mm tall by 135mm wide. You will also notice that the lamp has an open and closed position, swiveling about the back of the lamp head.  To remove the product from the packaging, you will need to open the box from the bottom.  Unfortunately, the top opening is too small to slide the lamp out of the box.   Once removed, you will notice the lamp, a very generous 61″ USB A to micro-USB cable, a very short instruction manual and a warranty card.  The white cable is a standard cable, without any advantages to other cables.  The manual is well written and has a very helpful diagram on page 1 with the operational guide.

The lamp is composed of a 5 1/4 inch diameter base and stands 11 1/4 inches tall. When the lamp is removed from the packaging, it comes in its folded position.  If you gently grasp the wider end of the lamp head (end closest to the base), you will be able to lift the head of the lamp.   The lamp will swivel from 0-180 degrees in a single plane.  There is no swivel to the lamp, but you can rotate the base if desired. The lamp head has a plastic feel, and the metallic base feels metallic.  There is a very little flare or embellishment to the design, which honestly plays to the strength of the device.  They did strategically place a white OxyLED logo along the base.  There are no toggles, switches or ports available along the front or side of the lamp.  To charge the lamp, you will need to plug the included USB micro cable into the micro-USB charging port along the back of the lamp.  I love that the power cord is hidden in the back of the lamp, but was disappointed that there was no cable management.  The sleek metallic look is definitely offset by the glaring white USB cable.

OxyLED T35 Desk LampJust above the charging port is a little power icon, which serves as the on/off/dim switch.  Through capacitative touch, you can short press to turn on/off the light, or you can hold the button to either brighten or dim the light.  Beautiful in its simplicity, the lamp takes up very little space in both the folded and unfolded states.  The lamp is perfect for a home desk, work desk or a bedside table.  One of the unwritten strengths is the lower power consumption.  At first, I questioned the use of the USB to USB-Micro cable and the lack of an included power brick.  However, I quickly realized that the lamp can be powered by USB battery packs.  Upon initial thought, this may not seem like that big of a deal.  However, if you think about this utility during power outages, camping trips etc., then you have light as long as you have portable battery packs.  It is my personal rule to have at least 1 10,000 mAh battery charged for emergencies anyway.  This setup serves a dual role and other than the charging cable complaint is incredibly well designed.  The flat base allows you to rest a book or keyboard directly under the light.  This negates the lack of height adjustment to the lamp.  In summary, the lamp has many benefits and only a few set backs.  The design is very artistic/futuristic and the color scheme should blend with just about any ensemble.  I love the portability, the ability to use the light in an emergency, but am not a fan of the USB charging port choice.  This should have been better integrated into the light.  The color of the cable should have been gray and it should have had a recess to plug into the light at an angle or up through the base.   I would rate the lamp at 4.5/5 stars.

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