The OVC H15 earphones let you tune out the world with active noise cancellation or quality sound.

I enjoyed reviewing this product. From the beginning, the unboxing experience was pleasant (though my particular unit went through some rough handling in transit, it seems). It might be shallow to say that I appreciated the product’s packaging, as that really has nothing to do with the product, but it shows deliberateness in execution that makes one believe the same thoughtfulness was put into the product itself.

OVC H15 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones

Inside the box are the earphones, extra ear tips, a travel pouch, the instruction manual (in seven languages), a magnetic tie to keep your cords together, an airline adapter, a customer satisfaction card, and a USB to Micro USB charging cable for the active noise cancellation (ANC) unit. The earphones are made of black plastic (matte except for the remote face) with metallic accents and a braided nylon cord. Overall, the product’s construction feels durable. I particularly like that the cord is sheathed in the braided nylon, as it doesn’t tangle quite as much as the average earphone cord and is rugged enough to handle being tugged and tossed around a bit, which is a huge plus for anyone who tends to be hard on earphones.

OVC H15 Remote

Wearing the H15 earphones is a comfortable experience. There are plenty of options for ear tips so you can find the right size for you, and the in-ear lock design makes them stay put. There’s a clip below the remote (featuring the bass enhancement on/off switch, volume controls, and general multifunctional button) to hold things in place, and the cord is long enough to easily reach from ear to pocket. Toward the end of the cord near the 3.5mm jack is a box housing the ANC driver. There’s a single button on this to turn the function on and off, and there are two LED indicator lights to let you know if it’s on/off or charged.

OVC H15 Active Noise Cancellation box

Now, about the sound and the active noise cancellation. The H15s feature both 6mm and 13.6mm dynamic drivers for music play and ANC respectively, with the 13.6mm driver pulling double duty to also power the H15’s bass enhancement. I appreciated the ANC, never having played with similar products before. The H15s are particularly good at drowning out low-frequency sounds (which would be good for airplanes or trains) and also effectively dull voices and other higher or more punctuated sounds. You can still hear things, but anything that comes through is definitely less distracting than it normally would be. I wish that I had these in college. I feel like it would have made my hours studying in the library way more productive.

The sound quality, to be completely honest, isn’t great. It’s shallow and kind of makes voices sound off. Turning on the bass enhancement gives the sound a much-needed boost, adding complexity and fullness. I wouldn’t recommend using these earphones without the bass enhancement on, especially if you’re listening to music. Toggling back and forth between having it on and off reveals night and day differences in the quality of the sound, and since it’s an option, you should probably just leave it on.

OVC H15 Bass Enhancement

Here’s where we run into a problem with this product. Because the 13.6mm driver is in charge of both the ANC and bass enhancement, you can’t use both features at the same time. When you have both turned on, the driver prioritizes ANC, and you lose that lovely richness that came from the bass enhancement. So, unfortunately, you have to choose between the H15’s two best features. You can still use the H15 with both on, and the ANC helps control the sound pollution affecting playback without you having to turn up the volume, but, again, you lose almost all of the bass.

Overall, I like this product, even with its conflicting features. The OVC H15 Noise Cancelling Earphones are a great buy for travelers (because these are definitely an upgrade from airline-provided earbuds), public transport commuters, and anyone who often works or studies in public spaces.

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