Bluetooth speaker good for special circumstances, but not an everyday speaker.

Music for everywhere. Well, that’s the dream at least. I have been tired of being poolside and not having music and if I do I always have to worry about to getting wet or messed up in some other way. There are so many different speakers out on the market right now. I primarily focused on just a few criteria – portability, durability, Bluetooth capability, and battery life.

The Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is what I ended up going with. From first glance out of the box, it looks pretty small and rugged. The first thing that caught my eye was the exterior rubber shell that protects the speaker. At roughly a 1/2 centimeter thick the shell adds a lot of protection all the way around the speaker from a multitude of falls. The black rubber cases also blends in with the main black body of the speaker and looks pretty awesome crisscrossed over the orange speaker face. The speaker fit in the small pocket of a back pocket without having to force it, making portability easy. It’s also pretty light compared to some other speakers with a similar design. There is a chrome hook and volume knob at one end of the speaker. The book proved to be very handy while the volume knob seemed out of place considering there are volume buttons on another location, but I can see this as being a feature that some may want. At the other end of the speaker is a rubber flap (to keep water out) that once opened reveals a very small recessed on/off switch, a micro-USB plug, and a 3.5mm auxiliary plug. The auxiliary plug won’t serve much a purpose with me, but it does add to the versatile of the speaker since many different devices old and new will work with it.

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

The Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is weather proof, not water proof, so I didn’t try an immersion test on it but I did throw it in the shower to listen to some music. With direct spray from the shower, it performed perfectly. Afterwards, I pulled up the rubber flap on the end of the speaker to check for any water penetration (this is definitely the weakest weather proof point) and didn’t find even a speck of water to my surprise.

With the weight of the speaker being pretty light, I was concerned that there wouldn’t be a long battery life. At around 3 hours and 45 minutes of active battery life, it will serve most people fairly well. The packaging states a 4-hour battery life, so a 15-minute difference is alright in my book.

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

The Bluetooth worked just as easily as most other devices. There weren’t any problems connecting or operating. Surprisingly, I did notice that the connection worked a little farther than most Bluetooth devices. I got around 40 feet before I lost connection. I will probably never be that far away from my phone, but it’s nice to know.

Now this speaker won’t be a part of my everyday carry, but it will be in my travel bag or car ready for whatever situation I may throw it in.


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