OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES is all over tough protection for your new iPhone 7 Plus

I’ve used OtterBox in the past and sometimes felt it was beyond the protection I needed.  The cases have always been made sturdy, easy to put together, and built to last.  The OtterBox remains one of the leading brands for phone case protection and I feel the brand continues to improve the case design that aligns with phone innovations.

Usually, I don’t gravitate towards colorful cases but the rosemarine/plum haze color is fun and not overbearing.  I also enjoy the color combination with my rose gold iPhone 7 Plus and feel that it compliments it.  The case comes in 3 pieces and is easy to put together.  The inner layer consists of two hard plastic pieces that snap around the case, one side includes the screen protector.  The outer shell is a rubbery flexible material that covers the area where the inner pieces connect and add extra protection.

OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES iPhone 7 Plus Case REVIEW

I’m very impressed with the screen protection with this Otterbox.  In my opinion, the screen protector feels better than using the solo film screen protectors.  Not better than glass, but I have the luck of breaking glass ones after a couple of days.  The screen protector also doesn’t have the annoying bubbles and doesn’t cling to a speck of dust.  The only parts of the phone that are consistently exposed are the speakers and the cameras.  The buttons are covered and are fully functional without difficulty.  The lightning port and the switch to set your iPhone 7 Plus to silent are covered with the rubber but you can open them.

The only downfall I used to have with the Otterbox was the size.  Now that the iPhone 7 Plus is much slimmer I feel the case is a better fit.  I can’t use the Otterbox with my lightning dock but not many cases on my phone allow me to use it anyway.

OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES iPhone 7 Plus Case REVIEW

Overall, the Otterbox Defender for the iPhone 7 Plus is an excellent choice for people with an active lifestyle or professions that put your phone at risk for damage.  The Otterbox is one of those cases that if I were to drop my phone I wouldn’t gasp and cringe in fear because I know it’s thoroughly protected.

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