Otterbox a solid choice for phone protection.

A long time ago I purchased my first iPhone and made sure to buy the best case available at the time. The salesperson convinced me that the Otterbox Defender provided, hands down, the best protection for my phone. After looking it over, I agreed that it looked like the best option, and took it home. The next day I went to work and it was raining. I ran across the parking lot to beat the rain, went inside, clocked in, and sat in the lunch room before my shift. I reached for my phone. Where’s my phone? It wasn’t on my belt where I thought I had left it. I jumped up and went outside to see if it was in my truck. Along the way, I found it in a puddle under two inches of water. In a panic, I took my brand new phone and case inside to clean it up. When I took the case off I found the phone was safe and completely dry! I was sold at that point.

Otterbox Defender Series Galaxy S7 Edge Case REVIEW

Fast forward several years and I have just purchased a Samsung S7 Edge which came with an Otterbox Commuter case. I liked this case but wanted the protection of the Defender series. After receiving my new Defender series case, I looked everything over and found that nothing was changed in the way of quality. The construction was solid, the fitment of the parts was flawless, and the overall appearance was clean and rugged.

Otterbox Defender Series Galaxy S7 Edge Case REVIEW

Upon installing the case on my phone I found that the port covers have a tight fit but can be easily opened. The headphone port has a very wide opening assuring there won’t be any problem using a headset or earphones. The case doesn’t interfere with button functionality at all. The screen protector is thick and matches the contour of the screens edge. All that coupled with the fact that the phone fits perfectly inside makes the Defender a very good choice if you’re looking for a case.

Otterbox Defender Series Galaxy S7 Edge Case REVIEW

Sadly, there is one drawback with this case. I’ve noticed that the screen protector interferes with the touch screen. I’ve had trouble with texting, typing, and just overall use of the touch screen. It may require a few taps to get a letter or it might go on the first try. It seems as though the thick screen protector may be too thick. This appears to be a common complaint about this particular case. Hopefully, our friends at Otterbox are working to correct this problem.

Otterbox Defender Series Galaxy S7 Edge Case REVIEW

Overall, the S7 Edge Otterbox Defender is a very solid choice for protecting your investment. I can accept a minor inconvenience to protect my phone. However, if your main concern is texting or social media, this may be too frustrating. I’m eager to see if the screen problem is corrected, but until then I will keep my new S7 Edge safe in its new Defender series case.

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