A delightful addition to desktop peripherals.

Over the years, I’ve amassed a ton of different types of USB Hubs. Big ones — small ones — multiport ones — they all seem to find their place and even though I can’t use them all at one time, I still find uses for them. I like to reserve the very portable hubs for mobile uses and tend to only keep the really unique ones for desktop use. After all, I don’t like to clutter my desk with a lot of different nicknacks unless they have a use. So when the Piggy Hub became available to me, I decided to give it a try. Even though I use a newer MacBook Pro with only USB-C ports on it, I thought this little guy could be particularly useful as a card reader because my current docking station doesn’t have that type of ports included.

Orico Piggy Hub with Card Reader REVIEW

The Piggy Hub with Card Reader is a 3-port USB-A hub with one SD card slot and one TF (Micro SD) card slot. The USB slots are USB 3.0 and the hub is designed to provide protection against over current, over voltage, short circuits, and electric leakage. The hub is available in four colors — pink, blue, green, and gray. The hub is powered by USB interface and a blue indicator light will illuminate when it’s connected to power.

Orico Piggy Hub with Card Reader REVIEW

The hub comes packaged in a simple brown cardboard box with a sticker on the outside that lightly describes the product. Inside the box, you will find the Piggy Hub, a USB 3.0 cable, and a user manual. The user manual is written in two languages — English and Chinese. It describes the basic operations of the hub and the product features. The manual is a little bit hard to understand on the English side because the language is a bit broken.

Orico Piggy Hub with Card Reader REVIEW

The Piggy Hub has a soft silicone exterior and features a small pig design. While this might be odd to some, I found it quite whimsical. It’s cute and I actually like having it sitting on my desk. It’s a conversation piece and also quite functional. Because I have a MacBook Pro with USB-C ports, I have to use an adapter to plug the hub into my computer like these adapters from Aukey. I found that when I plugged the USB cable into the adapter, it stuck out quite a bit. The same was true when I plugged the cable into the input port of the hub. The gap doesn’t seem to affect the functionality of the hub.

To test the speed of the hub, I transferred a file from my computer to a USB flash drive and then I transferred the same file to an SD card. The file is a movie file that is 2.36GB in size.

  • Transfer to USB Flash Drive: 30 seconds
  • Transfer to SD Card: 35 seconds

Orico Piggy Hub with Card Reader REVIEW

I didn’t notice that the hub got overheated even when transferring data. I have actually found recently that many hubs do start to radiate heat when transferring data or power, but I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t the case with the Piggy Hub. This is a delightful little device and it seems to be quite functional in addition to being cute.

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