Order Healthy serves a purpose for time-conscience cooks.

I find it deliciously ironic that I reviewed Order Healthy while baking cookies. Ah well. The name pretty much tells you what this app is for. It is a food delivery app that combines the food ratings of JoinTheChallenge and the food delivery of Delivery.com to make it easy to get health-conscious meals on demand.

I was initially apprehensive about this app because I was asked to use the address of the Empire State Building in NYC for the review. This worried me because it made me wonder how useful Order Healthy would be outside of the iconic building’s dedicated zip code. Being the rebel that I am, I decided to test the app using my own address instead to see how actually beneficial Order Healthy would be to me. Not surprisingly, the pickings were slimmer than they most definitely would have been had I looked for delivery places in Manhattan, but there were enough options in my area to calm my anxiety about reviewing a useless app (to those of us, again, not in Manhattan).

Order Healthy iOS App REVIEW Order Healthy iOS App REVIEW Order Healthy iOS App REVIEW

You start your Order Healthy journey by making an account, including the address you’ll be using for delivery. It shows you a list of its available restaurants, including ratings, estimated wait time, any minimum order amounts or fees, and whether or not they’re closed at the moment. I really like that last little feature, as it moves any currently-not-open restaurants to the bottom of the list under a red “closed” banner so you don’t have the opportunity to decide that you really want a particular restaurant’s food only to discover a few clicks later that it isn’t open on Mondays or closes from 2-6. After choosing your place, you’re taken to the menu. Here, you can choose to either see all selections and their traffic light ratings or to only see the food options with a green rating (Note: there are also color-blind settings so that everyone can use Order Healthy). I suggest just viewing the green ratings, as it can remove the temptation to get something with a less-healthful rating and the horror of seeing your usual order with a red rating. From there, you pick your foods, place your order through Delivery.com (you must have an account with them as well for all this to work), and wait for your food.

Order Healthy iOS App REVIEW Order Healthy iOS App REVIEW Order Healthy iOS App REVIEW

Things I didn’t like about Order Healthy: A lot of the wait times were longer than I’ve seen through other apps or the actual restaurant’s delivery estimates. A lot of the minimum orders were pretty high, about half of the ones in my area were $40, plus a $6 delivery fee. $50 for delivery food is kind of a lot, especially if you’re ordering for one. Having to get so much food for just you kind of defeats the purpose of ordering the healthiest options.

Overall, I think Order Healthy has its purpose. If you’re wanting to eat healthfully but don’t have time to cook or don’t want to go out, could serve you well.

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