Company Integrates Leading-Edge Technology for Connected Indoor Gardening, Home Health Imaging, 360-Degree Video Conferencing and Smart Lighting Control

OPCOMLink USA is introducing a family of new products for smart and healthy lifestyles at CES 2017 this week that deliver innovations in connected indoor gardening, personal health diagnostics, 360-degree video conferencing and smart lighting controls.

The company will showcase the OPCOM Farm GrowBox and GrowWall indoor gardening systems which enable anyone to easily grow their favorite vegetables, herbs, sprouts and fruits inside their homes, year-round. Incorporating soil-free, one-touch hydroponic growing technology with proprietary color LED lighting tuned for optimal plant growth, these next-generation indoor gardens enable 25 percent faster growth cycles and eliminate the challenges of weeding, pests and weather normally associated with outdoor gardening.

The GrowBox is an easy-to-use, tabletop model which is able to grow up to 50 plants at a time. GrowWall offers a space-saving vertical design that supports up to 75 plants. Both models use approximately 90 percent less water than traditional outdoor gardening and offer an environmentally-friendly, fun and labor-free way to grow. OPCOM will also show optional accessories such as high-intensity lighting.

An optional OPCOMLink Kit features a camera to create time-lapse videos and enables real-time streaming to monitor your plants from seed to harvest via the OPCOM Farm app.

OPCOM Farm is also introducing the GrowFrame, a compact (25.5-inch x 19-inch x 5.5-inch) and decorative product for families to try out indoor gardening, as well as for children to create their own mini-gardens indoors. The GrowFrame features a versatile design that can be placed on a tabletop or hung vertically on the wall as ‘living art.’

In addition, the company is launching the OPCOM Care family of handheld, portable Wi-Fi-enabled endoscopes that offer high-quality medical imaging for home and professional use. Offering an ear/nose/throat (ENT) scope as well as a dental scope, the devices incorporate tiny, distal camera heads and embedded LEDs for exceptionally clear, close-up views. Parents will especially welcome the ability to diagnose ear infections in babies and small children. The endoscopes connect to mobile devices via the OPCOM Care app, enabling users to share live or recorded video as well as photos with healthcare professionals.

OPCOM is also introducing its PanoDome 360, a video conferencing product featuring an 8-megapixel resolution sensor with superb image quality. Equipped with a fisheye lens for optimized wide-angle 200-degree panoramic views, as well as a 360-degree surrounding view without blind spots, the PanoDome 360 easily connects to PC-based video conferencing systems to deliver a cutting-edge portable communication solution. The product also features a 360-degree three-microphone audio input and built-in 5-watt speaker for optimal sound as well as picture-in-picture viewing for remote participation during presentations.

Finally, OPCOM Lighting will also be featured at CES – an advanced, long-range RF wireless lighting system that works seamlessly with the OPCOM Link app to enable smart lighting control throughout a home. With its proprietary communication interface, devices can be controlled across three floors or five walls, and managed as far as 1,000 feet away. With up to 256 devices connected on the OPCOM Link network, the platform is the ideal choice for smart home integration.

“OPCOM has been a technology leader in the OEM/ODM space for two decades. We’re the world’s leading provider of hospital endoscopes, for instance, and have over 100 patents in imaging and illumination technology,” said Rajeev Mishra, Vice President and General Manager of OPCOMLink USA. “We have leveraged this technology legacy to create high-quality, innovative products that have a positive impact on people’s lives.”

The GrowBox and GrowWall are priced at $499 and $599 respectively. The GrowBox is available at and Amazon, and the GrowWall will ship later this month. The GrowFrame is scheduled to launch in Q2 2017.

OPCOM Lighting ships in Q1 2017. The OPCOM Care endoscopes are scheduled for availability in Q1 2017 with pricing under $150. Pricing and availability for the PanoDome 360 will be provided by Q2 2017.

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