Unique battery case with impressive features.

I really like having good battery cases available because it means that I will always have extra power available. Some battery cases are extremely bulky though and I don’t like adding that much extra weight or girth to my phone. This ultra slim battery case wraps around the iPhone like a glove.

The Ultra Slim Battery Case from Oops has a beautiful design and really compliments the iPhone’s natural shape. The battery has a capacity of 2500 mAh, which isn’t much for an iPhone battery case these days, but it does the trick and provides more than one full charge for an iPhone 6. The case is very easy to  grip and use. It only adds 2.87 ounces to the phone’s weight and gives you full access to all the ports and buttons. While the case seems to offer a certain amount of scratch protection, there isn’t much of a lip on the front facing side, so screen protection on impact may be an issue.

Oops Ultra Slim Battery Case REVIEW

So, what makes this case so unique? Well, aside from it being very slim, the case actually charges via Lightning connection. This is rare unless you are buying the Apple battery case. Even though you can charge with a Lightning cable, I was not able to sync through the case. My computer kept giving me an error when I connected my phone to the Lightning port on the case.

Another unique feature of the case is the actual Lightning plug on inside the case. It doesn’t look quite like a standard Lightning plug. The plug still fits the iPhone well and it seems to charge well, but I would be cautious of using the case if you start experiencing issues with your phone. The case should automatically disconnect when the iPhone has a full charge, which helps to save the power you have stored in the case.

Oops Ultra Slim Battery Case REVIEW

The Ultra Slim Battery Case by Oops seems to be a very capable case and has performed beautifully for me. I haven’t experienced any issues with phone performance and haven’t found that the case gets overly warm while charging either.